Little Things

These are short One Direction drabbles. Please comment for requests.

(n) Drabble: An extremely short work of fiction usually containing 100-200 words.


1. Zayn - Tobacco



It had been the strong scent of tobacco which caused my nose to wrinkle in detest; however the bittersweet taste of Zayn's lips made me crave for more - just like an addictive drug, yes, that's what he was to me. I loved the way his callous hands would hungrily touch the bare skin of my back ever so lightly, making me question their presence. His hot breaths would slow - tickling at my neck cheekily. 



Then he'd smile, toss his head to the side a little - my hands so naturally making their way to his face, tracing over the contours of his features as if memorizing them with my fingertips.



"You're gorgeous." It was those two simple words he'd utter to me every morning as if it were a lovely routine. His lustful lips, with the leftover taste of tobacco in the morning - it was what I lived for. 

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