Little Things

These are short One Direction drabbles. Please comment for requests.

(n) Drabble: An extremely short work of fiction usually containing 100-200 words.


2. Harry - Morning Voice


It astounded me just how much more I managed to fall deeper in love with Harry Styles as each passing morning I spent with him unveiled.


Maybe it's because of the way his perfectly brown head of curls tickled my nose and cheeks in the morning. Or possibly the way I'd feel his sudden lack of presence in his spot on the bed right beside me, where he's at arms length and the way I would madly miss him when his sleeping face is not in my sight the moment I wake up. Maybe it was nothing more than his mere presence and that lovely morning voice he'd have every morning, calling out my name in a deep and tired melody. 


" I love you." He'd smile, his head fitting perfectly on my neck as we'd stand in the bathroom every morning with his shirt off and toothbrush in hand - not caring for the world outside. 

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