Can we Fall One More Time?

Taylor just recenlty broke up with her long time boyfriend Vance. He dumped her when she needed him most. She moves to Spain for a year on an exchange trip in hopes of finding herself and sorting out her life, but guess who shes stuck rooming with...

Vance broke up with Taylor. He told himslef it was the right thing to do, that he was only making her illness worse. But he knew deep down he couldn't stand to see her broken so he left before he had the chance. All he waned was a second chance, and now the opputunity is knocking on his door.


2. Spain

Taylor POV

A new start is exactly what I needed. These last two years without my sister have been really shakey. Since her death I had developed anorexia and acute depression. And now one failed suicide attempt and hundreds of hours of counciling I'm ready to start fresh. I just need to keep moving. If I stop in one plave for to long it all hits me. But I have my razor blade just in case the pain is to hard to cope with 

I had just arrived in Barbados and was waiting for my host family to come pick me up and take me to my home for the next year. I wandered through the airport and by the outer entrance I saw a short woman that couldnt be more than 30 holding a sign with my name written on it in cursive.

"You Taylor Moore?" she asked in choppy english.

"yes I am" I replied in spanish. The woman looked relieved that I spoke spanish.

"I'm Christa and I'm you host mom"

"Great!" I replied enthusiastically.

"Let's hurry I left the other student I'm housing this year at home alone"

"Your taking in two of us thats so kind!"

"My house is so lonely I needed company."


 We drove to her home, a small stucco house by the beach and I was surprised to see a blonde teenage boy about my age reading to a small child in spanish. When he tured around those familiar blue eyes shot me like a knife. The bain of my existance, the sole cause of my most recent suffering, the reason I can't stop moving was my house mate... Vance


Vance POV

Seeing Taylor was like breaking open a new wound. All the memories, and felings, and heartbreak came flooding back to me. I had thought I had moved on but these feelings felt so alive so strong. all this time without seeing her had been like a foggy day and now everyhting was crystal clear. Her brown eyes were opeded wide with shock, her mouth forming a small "o"exposing her perfect teeth. Everything about her was beautiful, but I sure as hell couldn't go up and tell her that. Not after all the pain I caused her. Fuck just after we brkoe up she tried commiting suicide, and I still chose not to go see her. I know I made a mistake and at this moment in time I have no idea how she will react to me, but the most I can hope for is friendship.

"Hola Christa" I say warmly hoping to break the ice.

"Vance this is Taylor the other student I'm housing"

"Hi Tay" I say kindly shifting the sleeping child off my lap. I walk up to her and hug her. She is stiff underneath my arms. God she feels as good as ever, so warm, and now that shes gained some wieght I can really feel her boobs against my chest and her curves under my hands. Keep it together man... Frienship nothing more than that.

"You two know each other" Christa questions

"Yeah we went to school together back home"  Taylor pitches in recovering from her shock.

"That makes this easy! Oh and this is my son Jorge. He is 3 yearas old" says Christa proudly, "now lets get Taylor settled, Vance grab her bags will you?"

I grab Taylor's suicase and try to take her backpack but she hold onto it tightly. I smile at her and she gives me a cold stare. I climb the staris and shake my head when I'm out of her vision. Friendship might be harder than I thought.



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