Can we Fall One More Time?

Taylor just recenlty broke up with her long time boyfriend Vance. He dumped her when she needed him most. She moves to Spain for a year on an exchange trip in hopes of finding herself and sorting out her life, but guess who shes stuck rooming with...

Vance broke up with Taylor. He told himslef it was the right thing to do, that he was only making her illness worse. But he knew deep down he couldn't stand to see her broken so he left before he had the chance. All he waned was a second chance, and now the opputunity is knocking on his door.


1. Prolouge

I tired starving myslef... but no they wouldn't let me just waste away like I so very wanted to. I pretended like I cared about what the doctors told me, but inside I knew I wasn't going to listen to them. You see when my sister died in that car crash I knew it should've been me. I dont know how I survived and she didn't. All I wanted was to be gone away from the grief and the mourning and the struggles of life. But then came Vance a shinning becon of hope. After I met him I strated getting better and he never failed to make me feel beautiful and important. I gained a couple pounds and started caring about life again. He was the one who noticed me when I thought nobody cared at all. I felt alive.

Then came the relpases, the fighting, the crying, the begging for me to eat again. Vance told me he'd always be strong for me, but where is he now? Oh wait he left because he told me it was going to help make me better. That HE was makig my anorexia 'worse". This is what I get for depending on others for help, you only get squished down again. I can't go on.

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