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7. Your mine. Part 2.

                 Chapter 7: Your mine part 2

Sams P.o.v :

Liam is absolutely amazing. After me and holly kissed he pulled me close to him, stared into my eyes and kissed my lips with his.

"I have been wanting to do that all night." He said in a mesmerizing tone.

"oh have you now?" i flirtatiously asked.

"Yes and it was fucking amazing." He said smiling.

I looked into his deep brown eyes and moving my hips to the beat. He played with pieces of my hair while touching my dimples. He cupped my face with his and and pressed his lips to mine.

"your so beautiful." He said sweetly.

"come one lets go get some drinks." I replied and intertwined our finger. i gave himme a quick peck and guided him through the moshpit of sweaty and drunk people. Never taking my eyes off of his.

"You know you give me the biggest butterflies liam." I blushed.

"If you only knew how i feel aabout you sam. I want you to be all mine. I dont want to have to share you. I dont want other guys to even look at you. Your eyes stare right through me. Everytime i look at you, i fall for you ten times harder. You are so beautiful. I want to be the guy who says yeah, thats my girlfriend and i absolutely love her. I want to protect you. If any body tries hurting you i will personally beat the living hell out of them. I know we only just met, and i dont want to rush into things. I Want to take things slow so we can get to know eachother so much more. So we know every single thing about eachother. So i guess what im asking you is.. Will you be my girlfriend?" He sweetly replied.

I was speechless. I didnt know what to do. I was frozen. Staring into his brown eyes. I crashed my lips onto his. I poured all my feelings into that kiss. This is him. This is the guy who is gonna make me feel wanted. Hes gonna make me feel special and like iim the only girl in the world that was made just for him. Just so we could meet. Like we were destined to be together. I know we just met but i feel like weve known eachother for ages. Im falling hard for liam payn. and im falling fast.

"So i take that as a yes?" He asked.

"Absolutely, 100 times yes! Nobody has ever said to me. You are the sweetest person  ever! I would be honered to be your girlfriend." I ecstatically answered.

"So How about we get out of here and go for a walk on the beach and watch some movies?" Liam asked.

"Yeah. I'd like that." And with that we left the club and headed towards the beach hand-in-hand.

Harrys P.o.v:

"Alright zayn thats enough mate. Ill take it from here." I flashed him a smile while he glared and walked away.

"Is my harry getting jealous now?" Holly asked.

"Well no....Sortof....Okay! yes! im jealous alright?" I said while blushing.

" awwwe. Hazza's Blushing. Its okay though i have that affect on most people." she flirted.

"Oh do you now love? Well do you also give every body butterflies in their stomachs? Do you make everyone want to continuously stare at you as if you may dissappear and never be seen again? Because you do to me. I have never felt this way about a girl before i-i...Im falling in love with you holly." I responded.

She sat there for a minute before replying with "Harry...I think im falling for you too."

"Come on lets get out of here." I said, Grabbed her hand and led her out of the club.



******A/N: sooooo what did you guys think? Did You like it ? How do you feel about sasm and liam? Or harry and holly? Will zayn try to ruin it for harry? Or will one of the other boys get in the way of love? Hmmmmmmm. I DONT KNOW!! Guess you'll have to read to find outtttttttt.

As always lots of love,


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