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6. Your mine. Part 1.

        Chapter 5/6:

    We arrived at karma which was a short walk  from my house and saw it had a line that stretched past the club. We could hear the music thumping and beating through the walls. Just then i saw brown curls standing by the door. He turned around and it waas harry.

"Hey Babe." He said running over to me.

"Hey." i Said looking past him at the four boys staring at me and sam.

"So you wanna go in yeah?" He asked.

"Yes of course but this line is  brutal and its gonna take hours to get in." I whined.

He Just smirked and grabbed my hand. He continued to walk until we reached the other boys

"Guys, This is Holly, My girlfriend, And her lovely Friend sam." He stated.

     Sams P.o.v :

Oh my god. They were all incredibly sexy. Harry introduced me and they all came up one by one.

"Hi im liam." He said with a slight smirk and a wink. He is sooooo cute i thought.

"Im Niall." The blonde boy came over and spoke in his irish accent, trying to be as charming as possible. He gave me a long hug. Almost. To long.

"Im Zayn." The black haired one said. His brown eyes staring deeply into mine as he shook my hand. I was so intrigued.

The next one had brown hair styled into a quiff. He ran up to me and embraced me in a hug as he said. "IM THE QUEEN. BOW DOWN PEASENT!" I giggled and gave a slight curtsey.

"I am Sam. And it is very nice to meet all of you." I said still laughing at louis' joke.

"Well now that we all have met shall we go in?" Liam asked.

"YES!" We all shouted in sync.

Liam grabbed my hand and lead me into the cllub leaving all the others dragging behind us.

Holly and harry were in front of us laughing and flirtinng amongst themselves being the cute couple they are. Oh how i wish i had somebody to love and be myself with. Little did i know that would soon change.

Liams P.o.v. :

Wow. Sam is gorgous. She is the most beautiful girl i have every laid my eyes on. My Girlf- Imean ex-girfriend Danielle wasnt even that pretty.No offense to her. We just broke up because i found out she was cheating on me with one of her old boyfriends. I really loved her and she had to go and break my heart. Well i dont care about her anymore because i found somebody i want to be mine. Sam. She Blew my mind. Her cute green eys, beautiful Smile and long brown hair. She was incredible. I wabted her. I wanted her to be mine.

We had just gotten into the club when Sam grabbed my hand "Lets go get a drink." She said. I didnt object i nodded my head and walked towards the bar with her by my side.

Hollys p.o.v:

It looked like sam and zayn were hitting it off. Good for her. i kept feeling eyes on me as me and harry downed our 3rd shot. I turned around and saw his brown eyes stariiing into mine full of lust. Zayns. He gave me a slight wink before getting up and getting lost in the crowd.

"Hey lets dance." i said to harry. before i even let him answer i grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. it was pretty crowded but i saw sam and liam dancing together i went over to them and i grabbed her by the waist and started grinding on her butt. I turned her Around and whispered in here ear

"Lets make them want us." She slowly nodded and crashed her lips onto mine. As me and her were dancing together i felt a body come up behind me and grab me by the waist.

"Your so incredibly hot. Are you trying to make me jealous by kissing your best friend holly?" I asked her.

Igrabbed Him by the neck and pulled him towards me.

My Lips Brushing his ear. "I c-cant he-elp that-t shes a b-better kissseeerrrr." I Slurred my words. Great. Now i was drunk. God, I wanted him so bad.

Next thing i knew he crashed his lips onto mine kissing me passionatley i felt sparks going through my body.

He pulled away and said "Is she still a better kisser than me?" He grinded his hips into mine matching the beat. I felt another warm body being pressed against my back and turned around and saw a drunk zayn.

Harry Grinded into the front of me as zayn pushed himself on my back. I was between the both of them. I Went down and came back up running my hands up and down harrys chest he grabbed my hands and put them over my head while kissing me. Zayn grabbed my hips and kissed my neck. Leaving little bruises where he kissed.

**A/N Hey guys! This willl be continued into the next chapter. Im going to start giving shoutouts to whoever likes, favorites, or even comments saying they want one. Now im only doing two per chapter. If you want me to keep writing i need comments or else im going to stop writing and updating. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of you for reading my book. im gonna try and update part two by tonight. Love you always. -holly




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