Summer of bliss 15+

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2. Sunkissed


Chapter 2: Sunkissed


**21 hours later**

Hollys p.o.v: "finally, we're here!" sam scremed waking me up from my " sam i was obviously sleeping could you not scream like a little girl ??" i yelled right back. "Well, maybe you shouldnt be sleeping, because.....WERE HERE!!!" SAm explained herself to me. "There ya go screaming again, whatever lets just get our bags unpack and get to the beach." I said. "AHHHHH the beachhh yessss." sam hurried up the steps while i trudged behind her. i was still half asleep so i sat down on the couch to take in the house. When you walked in it had a beutiful chandelier with a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. the living room had a modern look to it with sortof a beachy feel. After all it was on the beach. When you went up the stairs you ran into a long hallway with about 5 or 6 doors. I decided to go to the one at the very end of the hallway. it had french doors and was the biggest in the house. When i opened the doors itwas a lavender room with a white and purple bedspread. It had a walk in closet about half the size of my room. it was beautiful. i went into the bathroom and it had a huge standup shower. and all the other stuff, i mean it was a bathroom after all. When i decieded i didnt want to stay in this house all day i decided to put my swimsuit on it was a peachish color with matching bottoms and it was a pushup swimsuit.. I washed my face and put on a little mascara,  grabbed my beach towel, tanning lotion and a few snacks. "sam, Im heading to the beach. You wanna come?" I asked her. She thought about it for a minute before saying" No im gonna stay here and finish unpacking, maybe go and get some groceries." "okay well im off then see you later, call me if you need anything." I said as i headed out the door.  The beach wasnt that far of a walk before i knew it i was there. There was alot of people here today i said to myself. As i was laying out my towel i felt like somebody was starring at me. I looked around and saw him. The one who would eventually change my life. He had brown curly hair with green eyes. His body was toned with a 12 pack. He looked up and saaw me looking so i quickly looked away and decided to rub lotion on my legs. Hmmm, i could use this to my advantage. i could still feel his eyes on me as i started to rub the lotion slow making sure to show him everyone of my curves. I started putting it on my arms and stomach and then i heard somone saying somthing to me, "Need any help with that?" I looked up and saw the curly haired boy i was trying to show off to. "Im harry." He spoke in his sexy british accent. "Holly. And sure." i said with a wink. He knelt down and i handed him the lotion. He started rubbing it on my back and i could feel myself getting turned on. "Sooo. Harry. What are you doing here in miami florida?" i Asked him. "Im here for a concert, and staying here till the end of summer." He answered. "What concert are you seeing?" i Asked completely obliviant. "Well haha. i dont really know quite yet." he answered and i relized he was still rubbing lotion on my back . i Turened around and thats when i met his green eyes with my blue ones. "You have beautiful eyes." He said while sill staring into mine. "Do you wanna go for a swim?" i asked him. "sure." he said, next thing i knew he picked me up and started runnimg towards the water. "NO NO NO NO NO. Please harry dont!!" I said while trying to get out of his grip. "Okay, but if i put you down, you have to give me a kiss." He amswere. "Okay okay okay. whatever just put me down."  i exclaimed. He set me down and leaned in to kiss me with his eyes closed. i Suddenly started running away from the water and he yelled, "Holly, you are so going into the water." and started running after me. he was fast and i could tell he was getting close. I tripped and fell with harry landing on top of me. "Hahahaha. I didnt realize you were that close to me." i said while he was staring into my eyes. Next thing i knew he leaned down and kisssed me. It felt like no other kiss before. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, which i gladly granted while putting my hand on his neck to bring him closer to me. He put his hands on my hips while standing up, and not breaking the kiss once he picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist. He walked us over to the water and set me down. finally breaking the kiss so we could both come up for air. neither one of us said anything and just kept staring into eachothers eyes. He started playing with my hair and let his hand fall down to my belly button ring. "You are so Sexy holly. and i absolutley love your belly button ring." he said soft and slow. "Thanks." i said smiling. i grabbed his hand and interlocked ourr fingers. He grabbed my other hand interlocking those as well. I started pulling him towards the water still staring in to his beautiful green orbs. When we were aboout chest high in the water he starting kissing me again and i wrapped my legs around his waist. our hands still interlocked. He romoved his hand and rested them on my hips, while i put mine around his neck. "Why dont you come with me back  to my house and i can show you around i bit." i said knowing that we would be doing nothing of the sort. "Id love to." Harry said smiling at me and revelling his dimple. i poked it with my finger and grabbed his hand. heading back to shore.

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