Summer of bliss 15+

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9. really?

 Chapter 9:

          Harrys P.o.v:

       Opened the front door of hollys beach house, Louis and zayn had their backs turned laughing histercally laughing at a scene in front of them.

"Mate get up, your just making yourself look bad." Zayn commented and started cracking up again.

I heard a groan and coughed to let them know they had an audience. Zayn stumbled while he was turning around and fell straight on his ass, causing louis to start cracking up again.

"You guys are obviously smashed.... Whats wrong with niall?" i questioned looking over to see niall doubled over on the ground clutching his stomach.

"Oh.. he u-umm.. Kinda took 5 shots before we left the bar.. Now i guess its all hitting him." Louis responded with his mischeavious smile.

"Yeah.. Uhuh.. sure... now tell me what really happened." I said while sternly looking back and forth between zayn, louis, And niall. Zayn and niall got back on their feet and stared straght at me.

"They-" Niall started to tell me what happened before zayn and louis interupted him.

"Thats what happened we swear." They replied grinning.

I shook my head laughing,"Get inside boys, We're watching a movie."


A/n: Guys im so so so so so so so so so sorry for how short this chapter is put i have a 6 page essay due tomorrow and this is all i could write and i wanted to give you guys a little bit so you had something. I had some writers block so i didnt know what to make this about.. buuuuut i tried im so sorry for this super short update and i promise to update either tomorrow or tuesday. OKAYYY.

As usual Lots of love -Holly


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