Summer of bliss 15+

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3. Passion and love.

Chapter 3:


When we arrived back at my place sam was gone-at the grocery store is my guess. i dragged harry up to my room. "Wow. this is beautiful holly." Harry said to me with his eyes glued to the house i we walked up the stairs. "Thanks its my uncles, hes letting me and my friend sam stay all summer." i said. "whose sam?" he questioned me. "My best Friend, youll meet her later shes out right now." i said opening the door to my room. Harry walked in behind me and closed the door. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me passionatly. We started making out and he slid he hand down slowly massaging my heat. i Wrapped my legs around his waist again and pulled down his shorts. "Harry, just get in me." i moaned while his was biting and nipping at my neck. "As you wish babe." Harry said placing himself at my entrance. He slowly slid in and started moving. "Harryyyyy." i moaned while screming his name. He sucked on mmy necking leaving lovebites all over my neck. He was pounding in and out of me while moaning my name. "Holly, Holly, Holly, your so fucking tight babe." He scremed and pounded harder. I could feel my self close. "hazza im gonna cum." i yelled. "its okay babe me too." I arched my back and moaned so loud the whole beach could hear me as i came. Harry came after too. He pulled me to the bed and layed down. i rested my head on his chest and ran my fingers in circles on his chest. While he played with my hair. "That was amazing." He said. "I know." i said still breathless."Holly, I know we just met Like a few hours ago but i just cant take you not being mine. Your so beautiful and the moment i saw you i knew we had a connection. I would absolutely love it if you would be my girlfriend?" He asked me while staring into my eyes. i kissed him and said "i would want nothing else than to be your girl friend." i Said and kissed him one last time passionately, As we both fell asleep into eachothers arms.



A/n Hey Guys!! How did you like it? was it good? do you think holly and harry are going too fast? How do you feel about hally?

sam will get her chance soon. as will the rest of the boys but for now this is my present to you. im gonna try to update as much as i can this week . enjoy.xx -holly

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