Summer of bliss 15+

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4. Karma.

Chapter 4.


                                               I opened my eyes and saw nothing but black. i felt a warm pair of arms hugging my body. How long Have we  been asleep for? I checked  my phone 5 missed calls. 4 text messages. all from sami.


                                  "Holly Where in the hell are you?! ive tried calling you like 5 times. I hope you didnt get kidnapped. Text me when you get this." sami texted me.

I decided now would be a good time to text her since harry was asleep. even though she was in the next room.... i was still really tired from my 'exciersice' earlier.

"Sami im in my bedroom you freak. Perfectly fine. And just curious if i had gotten kidnapped how would i of been able to text back??" i sent back.

    A few seconds later i heard running footsteps and sami burst into my room laughing and rolling on the floor like a maniac. Harry shot up like he had just heard a bang or something.

"Sam what the hell?!" i screamed at her trying to be louder than her

abnoxious laughing.

She looked up and stopped laughing immediately. Her eyes shot back and forth between me and harry.

"Did you guys.....?" Sam looked at me questioningly.

"Harry meet sam. My very rude and immature best friend." I spoke glaring at her. She gave me an apolegetic look before shooting her eyes at harry.

"Nice to meet you." Harry said with a grin revealing his dimple.

"you too! sorry we had to meet like this. I just wondered what happened to holly she kindof disappeared i thought she got kidnapped." Sam said starting to crack up again.

i looked at her trying to keep a straight face. Before i knew it i burst out laughing just as hard as her. Harry just sat their and stared at us like we were complete maniacs.

"Oh yeah. Sam i have to tell you something else too." I said breaking the laughter and putting a serious expression on my face. I grabbed harrys hand and gave it a squeeze.

"What?" She replied half annoyed that i interuptted her 'moment'.

"uhh. Well me and harry are sortof.. Like. T-together now." I said slowly checking to see what her reaction was. She was silent for a bit so i decided to break the silence again, glancing at harry smiling. I gave him a quick peck before saying "Like Boyfriend and girlfriend sam."

"Yes holly. I know what together means. Im not an idiot." She said grinning at me. "I'm Happy for you two." She said walking out of the room. She mumbled something but it was too low for me to hear.

"So, What do you want to do tonight babe?" Harry asked Grabbing my hands and staring at me attentively.

"Uhmm. Well i Want to dance. Lets go to the club!!" I said getting over-excited.

He chuckled before replying with "Sure. Let me just Text my friends and ill have them meet up with us at Karma."

i Gave him a kiss and got up to get ready. Before i jumped into the shower i went in to talk to sam. I opened her door to see her balling her eyes out.

I quickly ran over to her side before saying "Sam whats wrong babe?"

She looked up ran her hands through her hair and wiped some of the tears forming under her eyes.

"Its just, well now that you have a boyfriend... i ... well... I feel like you wont hang out with me as much. and im afraid i wont get anyboys or anything with out you being my wingman." She replied in one quick breath and sighing.

"Sam, Dont ever say that again. This summer is about me and you. Yes, I do have a boyfriend but that doesnt mean me and you wont still hang out and go to clubs and stuff. And as for the boy situation.. well harry has some friends meeting. us at the club soo. That problem is solved. And i wont leave your side once. Now, Get your lazy ass up and get sexy. We're going out tonight." I replied While getting up and heading back to my room.

When i got back to my room i saw harry sitting on my bed his phone in his hand while typing away.

"babe? dont you need to go get ready and get clothes and stuff? We can meet at the club." I asked him.

"uh yeah, i was just about to leave actually." He said getting up and putting his clothes back on.

"Okay well, see you soon babe." i said and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Yeah see you soon." He said winking and walking out the door.

**2 hours later**

Ughhhh finally im all ready. I was wearing a red lace dress that fell just below my knees. My Blonde hair was curled in loose curls that to the middle of my back. I had on black stilettos and a black lace clutch( I walked downstairs and saw sami wearing a Gold sparkly dress, With Nude stiletos and a gold clutch( Her Dark Brown hair was loosely curled just like mine that landed just below her chest.

"Ready to go?" i asked. she nodded and walked out the door grabbing my hand.

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