Summer of bliss 15+

Im not good at these sooo just read the story to find out (;

my kik and twitter is in my bio... enjoy. xx


5. Authors note



    Hey guys!! Holly here! i just wanted to apoligize for not updating for what seems like forever! i have been really busy and its just hard to make time to write. So this is why im setting up a schedule. Im gonna start updating on mondays and tuesdays; also Thursdays and sundays. So just to let you all know im gonna need you all to coment and tell me what you think i needddddd you opinions! I also am expiriencing some writers block, and i would love some ideas. You Guys can comment tweet me or kik me.
Twitter- @Styless_Horann


i have An idea on  how i want this story to go i just need stuff to put in between it so you guys dont get bored. Okay well now im gonna get back to the story. Enjoy!!!! xx. -Holly

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