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8. A little love, Alot of fun.

   A/N*** Hey guys! How is everything? I decided to be nice and update a little earlier then normal. Sooo I reallly reallllllly Reaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy want your guys' opinion on my book. I know its alot to ask for but i really want you to all give me comments  so i know what to do better or what i should add or anything. And also if you like my book please favourite it.

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           Chapter 8: a little love alot of fun.

               Sams P.o.v:

                                    *2:30 a.m*  

    Liam is absolutlely Stunning. Every little detail about him is flawless. As were walking down the Beach, hand in hand, I felt eyes on me. I glanced up and saw liam was zoning out while staring at my face. It was as if he was trying to memorize every little detail about me.

"What? Do i have something on my face?" I said starting to touch my face.
He chuckled and replied with, "No Sam you dont have anything on your face. I was just thinking how i'm so lucky to have you as my girlfriend. Your the one ive been waiting for."

"You know what, i was actually thinking the same thing. Your flawless liam. Your everything i've been looking for too." i replied and slowly went up to kiss him passionately.

"I'm Slowly falling for you Sam. This has never happened before. But im as happy as ever and couldnt be more excited to get to know you better." He sweetly replied.

 " I cant wait." I replied and looked at the water. I glanced up and saw harry and holly kissing and holding hands walking towards us. "Hey liam lets get out of here and leave those two alone."  He nodded as we made our way to Mine and Hollys house.

           Hollys P.o.v:

               As harry and i were walking on the beach i saw sam and liam walking towards our beach house, her laying her head down on his shoulder, while he held her stilettos and clutch. They are so perfect for eachother. I glanced up at harry and he quickly leaned down and kissed my nose.

"Harry, What did you think about me when you first saw me?" i Asked him. He thought for a minute before he stopped and held both of my hands.

He stared into my eyes and said," The same thing i think when i look at you now. This beautiful girl is all mine and i am falling for her on so many ways. I thought how i couldnt take my eyes off of you and i still cant. The butterflies in my stomach never fly away and always stay perfectly fluttering around in my stomach. Your beauty never ceases to amaze me and i am so lucky you are mine."

"Wow." Was all i could say. I was breathless and blushing. No guy has ever said that to me before. I decided to mess with Harry a bit.

I stared into his eyes intently, Leaned forward and closed my eyes. As soon as his eyes were closed i ran towards the water stripping off my dress as i got closer to the water.

"Holly Nicole Smith! You better not get into that water or you'll regret it!" He yelled as he as well stripped off his clothing.

"Oh yeah hazz? Well then, Why dont you just come and get me." And with that i through my panties and bra at him And swam further away. When i turned around to see where he was. Alls i saw was his clothes in a big pile on the shore. I then felt a pair of hands grab onto my waist and pulling me under. I yelped and came back up. As well as the curly haired boy.

He couldnt stop laughing as he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him. "I have always wanted to do this." He states.

"Oh yeah, and what would that be Mr. Styles?" I questioned him and wrapped my legs around his bare torso.
"Skinny dip with my girlfriend, And this." He quickly kissed me pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my hands through his, now wet, curls. He moaned into my mouth, And pulled away looking into my eyes.

"You turn me on so much." He said.

I felt his warmth leave my body as he swam to shore.
"Harry?! What are you doing?" I asked him, Annoyed that he stopped what was about to happen.

"I'm Getting payback." He winked and got out puting only his boxers and pants back on leaving him shirtless.

I followed behind him. He walked up to me and handed me my bra and panties. I quickly threw them on and as i went to get my dress harry quickly grabbed it and handed me his shirt and blazer to throw on. I smiled and threw those on over my body. He grabbed my clothes, purse, and shoes in one hand as he out his other hand around my waist.

"Back to my place?" I questioned. He nodded.

"Im gonna text niall, louis, and zayn and tell them to come over for movies and stuff." He said and grabbed his phone out of his pocket. I nodded and threw my head on his shoulder as we walked towards the beach house.

As we walked through the front door I heard the t.v playing and figured sam and liam were watching a movie. I led harry into the living room. I looked up and saw sam straddling liam his hands on  her hips as they were making out.
"ahem." I coughed to let them know they had company.

Sam quickly turned around and removed one leg from around him, so she was just sitting on his lap.

"Oh hey holly... and harry" She said nervously,"Whats up?"

"Oh Nothing. Just came home to watch a movie with you guys. The other boys will be here soon."

"Okay." She awkwardly laughed out.

"Do you want to go with me to make some popcorn?" i asked her hoping to remove some of the tension that was in the room.

"Uh sure." she gave liam a quick peck and headed towards the kitchen,as i did the same to harry. I winked at him as i disappeared into the kitchen.


Harrys P.o.v:

 I watched holly walk into the kitchen my eyes scanning her body as she disappeared around the corner.

"Hey mate. Whats up?" i asked liam.

"Oh Nothing much mate. I got me a girl, that wont cheat on me... I hope." He replied nervously.

"Liam sam wouldnt do such a thing shes a sweet girl. She wouldnt ever mean to hurt you on purpose like that bitch danielle." I told him. I smiled at him He just chuckled.

"I hope not. But anyways enough about me. How are you and holly?" He questioned me.

"Oh. Holly and I? She's great liam. She really is. I finally found that one girl who could change me. She's driving me crazy right now though bro." I explained.

"really how?" He asked,   looking alot more interested in what i was now saying.

"Li, I dont really want to go into details but she deffinetly knows how to make me want her." I asked glancing towards the kitchen.

"I know dude! Sam does the same to me. She is so sweet, yet sexy at the sam time. But haz... can i ask you something?" He looked at me.

"Yeah, sure. anything bro." I looked at him and turned serious.

"You dont have to get so serious its not bad or anything," He chuckled as i tensed up," But, why are you all wet....and only in pants.?"

"Oh.... Funny story actually. ....." I started to explain as the girls came back in and there was a knock on the door."I got it babe." i told her as i went and opened the door to something i would've never of expected to see.



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