The Butterfly Effect (Larry Stylinson)

One small, insignificant condition can make a huge change. All it took was a shortcut through the park and a smile for the pop star and the average boy to discover something beautifully unforgettable.


2. A Run Through the Park

Author's Note:
My first Larry fanfiction! Don't be afraid to drop a comment; I'm interested to know what you think!



As I heard my alarm go off, I shot up in bed and realised I had hit snooze one too many times. Just the luck that shines down on me when I have no desire to ever make my teacher resent me, although I'm slowly working myself up to that point.

"Shit!" I exclaimed as I tossed the duvet away from my body and scrambled across the wood floor to my closet, nearly tripping over all the dirty clothes scattered across it.

I threw open the door and grabbed the first pair of skinny jeans I found and a white t-shirt.

The t-shirt slipped down my torso as I pulled it on and I jumped from foot to foot as I slithered my jeans up my legs.

Once finished, I bolted to the bathroom to brush my teeth. In my frantic state, I squeezed too hard on the tube of paste and it squirted out all over the bottom of my shirt and sink counter.

"Oh, come on!" I groaned. This would only slow me down when I was already late.

I reached over and grabbed toilet paper. I worried only about the paste on my shirt, wiping at it quickly. Once I was sure I couldn't get anymore out without my timing become detrimental, I threw out the toilet paper and shoved the toothbrush into my mouth.

I finished with my teeth and ran back into my room, choosing to throw my grey jacket over top of the shirt and zipping it rather than finding a new shirt.

I slipped my bag onto my shoulder, stuck my phone into my pocket, grabbed my keys, and exited my room. I journeyed quickly through my flat, stepping on cat food in the kitchen and nearly falling over my sleeping cat. At the door, I slipped on my Converse before rushing out the door.

I locked the door and ran down the hallway, opting for the stairs instead of the elevator to save myself some time. It was when I entered the lobby that I realised I had left my car at the university yesterday because I had walked over to the park afterward with Niall. I groaned as I shoved the glass doors open and stepped out onto the concrete in front of my building, wishing I didn't have to run to class.

I looked up into the sky and noticed a relatively clear view, save for a few clouds here and there.

Sighing, I pulled my bag further up my shoulder, clutched my phone tight in my hands, and started running towards campus.

I kept my focus on the entrance of the park about one hundred meters away until I passed under the archway stating I had entered Green Park.

My feet pounded against the luscious, green grass as I ran. I only took in some of my surroundings, mostly making sure I wouldn't trip over a branch or a hole in the ground.

As I came to the top of one of the hills, I noticed down on the other side a bunch of photography equipment and many people dressed in black, save for a few in suits and two dressed semi-casually. I figured it wasn't something to interrupted, however my schooling came before anything and I continued running down the hill.

As I got closer, I noticed something that resembled a stage set up on the grass and lighting all around it.

"Concert," I whispered to myself.

Someone was standing on the stage holding a microphone in one hand and listening to someone down in the grass barking orders at them.

When I was only two meters away from the stage, I made a rash decision to jump on the stage and run across to save myself time as opposed to going around.

I jumped onto the wooden stage, and my feet landed with a thud onto it.

"Hey, kid! You're not supposed to be here! This section of the park is closed until three!"

I stopped in my tracks and looked at the man who was yelling at me front the ground. I sent a smirk his way and shrugged. I took a step forward to continue my run to class when a hand clasped around my bicep.

I turned to see a boy a year or two older grasping my arm with a sheepish grin. "What are you doing here?"

I opened my mouth to reply, but no words came to me. "I-I...uh, what?"

He chuckled and smiled wider. "You're not supposed to be here. Why are you here?"

"Oh," I breathed. "I'm late to class and I left my car at university yesterday. Shortcut."

"Ah, I got-"

"Kid! I said you weren't supposed to be here! Our security is coming to escort you out right now." The man from before was clearly agitated.

I looked over my shoulder at him. "Sir, I-"

The boy holding my arm interrupted me. "Marco, calm down. He isn't causing any harm. He's just taking a shortcut." He paused. "In fact, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know who I am." My head snapped back towards him.

"What do you-"

"Louis, I don't care!" The man identified as Marco said. "He isn't supposed to be here!"

"I'm leaving," I mumbled and pulled from what I guessed was Louis' grip. I started running across the rest of the stage, but before I made it to the end, I looked back at Louis.

"I'm Harry by the way, and I'm extremely sorry for the interruption!" I shot him my best dimpled grin.

"Louis," he yelled back. "Louis Tomlinson!"

I laughed as I jumped off the stage and continued through the park, seeing my university looming up ahead. I looked down at my watch.


Two minutes until class.

I darted around cars as I ran through the car park and hastily grabbed the doors at the front entrance of the building. I pulled the heavy door away from it's frame and ran through them before sprinting down the hallway toward my lecture.

I entered through the doors just as the clock struck 8:30.

I sighed loudly and made my way to a seat next to Niall.

"Nice of you to join us, Mr. Styles."

I looked down as my professor continued on after his scold towards me.

"Sleep much, mate?" Niall asked from beside me in a whisper.

"Shut up, Niall. I hate a late night last night."

He chuckled and looked back towards the front of the classroom. I listened in on my lecture, not letting my attention waver once as punishment for being late. I participated avidly and got a smile from my professor at one point.

By the time the class was over an hour and a half later, I couldn't wait to get out of there, finally letting myself think of the sparkling blue eyes that belonged to the boy I had met earlier.

Louis Tomlinson.

The name sounded so familiar, yet I knew for a fact I had never met someone with that name.

I stewed over the name as I walked alongside Niall to the cafe across the street from my university for a tea before my next lecture at 11:30.

"So," Niall began. "Why exactly were you so late today?"

I laughed. "Like I said, I was up really late last night and this morning, I hit my snooze button a couple extra times. I woke up at 8:17. Needless to say, it's been a rough morning."

"Oh? Why's that?"

I held my finger up to him as I stepped up to the counter to order.

"I'll have a blueberry flavoured tea, medium. That's all." The barista nodded and entered in my order before swiping my card. After she handed it back to me, I stepped aside to let Niall order and wait for my drink.

After Niall and I had both gotten our orders and sat down, I began to tell him the story of my run to uni this morning.

"As you know, I left my car in the car park yesterday, so of course I had to run to get here. I ran through park and as I ran over the big hill in the middle, I noticed something being set up at the bottom. I presume it was a concert, but I'm still not sure. In my haste I ran across the stage, but some man started yelling at me and a boy grabbed my arm and stopped me on stage.

"We talked for a minute before I apologised and left as to not be any later. I still don't have a clue as to what was going on, but the boy who I talked to on stage was named Louis Tomlinson. The name sounds familiar, but I really have no clue who he is."

By this time, Niall was gaping at me. "What do you mean you don't know who Louis Tomlinson is?" he exclaimed.


"He is only the most famous pop star at the moment! He has such an angelic voice! Harry, you're so lucky to have met him!"

"So, he's famous?" I asked sheepishly.

"Harry, he's incredibly famous!"

At that moment, the bell above the door rang and there was a shrill scream from a girl two tables down.


My head snapped up as I looked at the boy from earlier walking towards the counter.

Oh, my God.
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