If Only He Knew

When Amelia's brother Liam Payne and his best mates join a boy band what will happen to Amelia and will her chances with Louis Tomlinson become even worse and who will find out about her past.


2. The Truth


Liam's POV- I'm watching tv with the boys well except for Lou he isn't back from school yet. Just then he walks in"hey guys". Hey we all mumble back then I notice Amelia walk on behind him.  Wait their holding hands. "Get your hands off my sister Louis William Tomlinson now!!" I yell "no it's okay we are dating now" say Mel. " WHAT NO YOUR NOT YOUR TO YOUNG!" I yell. I'm so angry right now. "Liam we are the same age!" She tells back. Okay she got me their. I walk out the door right past them and go to the park. I'm sitting in the swings when Louis comes up behind me.    Louis pov- I followed Liam to the park and sat next to him. "Listen mate, I know you may feel weird about me dating your sister and all but we love each other and make each other happy." I say.  " It's not you that I'm worried about I guess I'm still not over what happened with her and aiden" I'm confused "what happened with her and aiden?" I ask "oh you didn't know we'll maybe you should ask her that and by the way I'm happy for you. I know you will treat her right." "Thanks" I say confused as I get up and head to Liam's house.    Mel's pov- Lou walks in with a smile on his face. " I take it went well then" i says. "Yes it did" he says  "But he motioned something about someone called aiden what with that?" He ask. I sigh. I guess I'm going to have to tell him. " okay well a few years ago I dated a guy called aiden it was great we did everything together he made me so happy. But then he started drinking and wouldn't stop. He would hit me and abuse verbally and physically when I didn't do what he asked. Eventually I told Liam. I told him not to tell anyone and he said he wouldn't if I promised I would break up with aiden. So that's what I did he wasn't to happy about it and he kept texting me and calling me asking me to take him back. A few weeks later I was at Starbucks when he showed up I got up to leave when he grabbed me and took me to an abandoned house. He tied me up and abused me for days. When Liam finally found me I was close to death. He called the cops and aiden was arrested. I was depressed for a while and started cutting then I became best friends with Caroline. She changed me she made me happy again I stopped cutting and was the happy girl I was before I met aiden." I looked up at Lou he was pale. "Lou are you okay ."   Lou's pov- How could someone do that to her. It made me sick. She was so beautiful,happy ,smart , loving and caring why would someone hurt her the way he did. "I'm so sorry Melly I promise I won't ever hurt you the way aiden did." "I know" she simply said while sinking I leant down and gave her a kiss. "Let's go back down with the others shall we?" "Okay"   When we get down stairs everyone is looking at us. "Umm hey guys" I say " hey Lou hey Amelia congrats." They all say. "Thanks" we both reply smiling.    We sit on the couch and start watching a movie called the hunger games. Half way through I notice Amelia getting tired. She leans her head against my chest and falls asleep. This is how it is meant to be. I watch her sleep. She is so beautiful when she sleeps. Her golden brown hair that reaches her shoulders, her pale skin that suits her perfectly, her beautiful blue eyes that can be dark like the ocean someways but as light as the sky other days. And those perfectly sculpted cherry lips. I want to kiss her but I don't want to wake her up. I carry her up stairs and put her on the bed gently. I cover her with the blankets and lie down next her and place her head on my chest. I can stay like this all day. I feel myself getting tired and fall asleep next to her.  
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