If Only He Knew

When Amelia's brother Liam Payne and his best mates join a boy band what will happen to Amelia and will her chances with Louis Tomlinson become even worse and who will find out about her past.


3. good day gone bad


Amelia's POV- I wake up in bed next to Louis he has his arms wrapped around me and my head in his chest. This is one if those perfect moments. Then Lou wakes up "morning love what would you like to do today?" He ask "Hmmmm how about we go to the beach. The Gold Coast has great beaches why don't we use them?" I say. "That's a great idea ill go tell the boys while you get ready." "Okay be down in a bit. " I get out of bed and walk to my gigantic walk in robe. To the left is hanging space, on the right is draws and shelves. In front of me is a gigantic shoe rack and beside that is bench with different hooks and things on it for my jewelry. I walk towards my draws and pick out at peach bikini with a bow tie on the top. Then I get a pair of maroon distressed shorts, a plain black t-shirt and my blue vans. Then I get my beach bag and out my towel sunscreen and hat in it. I grab my clothes and head to my bathroom. My bathroom is huge as well. When you walk in you see my huge two person shower. And to the left is my gigantic whole wall mirror and underneath is my vanity and sink with a special holder for my hair straightener, curler and my hair drier. I get in the shower and feel the hot water run down my back its so good. I get washed and step out and get dried. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put on a little waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I reach into the cupboards and get my tanning lotion and chuck it into my bag as well. When I finish brushing my teeth and head downs stairs and I notice everyone else is ready.    Lou Pov-  I get Down stairs and tell everyone that we are going to the beach. Everyone gets up and gets ready. When we are done getting ready we sit and watch some tv waiting for Mel. When she comes down stairs I can't help but smile she is so beautiful         "We'll I'm ready everyone." She says. We all get into Liam's big van and drive to the beach. On the way Mel says that we should invite Danielle and Perrie so we stop at their house and they get in. When we arrive at the beach the girls are lying out in the sun tanning and bonding. I scoop up some water and chuck it on Mel "LOUIS TOMLINSON YOU WILL PAY!!!" She yells  at me " you have to cach me first." I yell back. She chases me into  the water. That's when I feel someone drag me under.    Mel's POV- When we arrive at the beach me dani and Perrie all lay on our towels and start tanning. "So you and Lou ayee I knew there was something there." Dani says. "Really I thought he just saw me as his best friends sister." I say. "No way we could so tell you guys liked each other." Says Perrie. "Yes you guys make a great couple. And now we are friends we can go shopping together and have triple dates it will be so fun." Says dani. "Yeah it will." I say smiling. This is going to be great I have never really had friends before. " Elanor is going to be pissed."says Perrie. Shit! I forgot about her. " all well I deal with her when the time comes for now I'm just gonna have fun." That's when Lou comes over with a handful of water and chucks  it at me. Arghh it's so cold "LOUIS TOMLINSON YOU WIL PAY!!" I yell. "your gonna have to catch me first he says. Do that's what I do I chase him into the water. Then I see him he gets dragged under by someone. I start to panic "LOUIS WHERE ARE YOU?!! ARE YOU OKAY?!?! ANSWER ME!!!" I yell I can't find him I swim over to where he is when I see him struggling and someone else there I hit the man and he lets go. Ten he grabs me and stats me under. I can see Lou fighting the guy trying to get him off me when he finally lets go I swim up and breath that's when I see him. Aiden. I grab Lou'd arm and we swim back to shore        . "Amelia are you okay?" I hear Lou ask me. "Aiden is all I say before it all goes black.    Lou's POV- Amelia grabs me and we swim back to shore.  Who was that? " Amelia are you okay?" I ask her "aiden" is all she says before she goes unconscious. "Dani call an ambulance" I shout. I hold her hand while the medics put her in the ambulance. They wouldn't let me in because I want family but they let Liam in with her. "What happened out there?" Harry asks me. "I don't know we where swimming when some one dragged me under. They where trying to drown me when Mel hit him and he let go and went for Amelia I tried to get him off her and when I did I saw his face. I had never seen him before I don't know what happened to him or where he is because we just swam to shore when I was asking her if she was alright she said the name aiden." I tell them " who's aiden?" Niall asked me.  I tell them all about aiden on our way to the hospital. "That is sick." Says zayn  Then we arrive at the hospital.   
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