If Only He Knew

When Amelia's brother Liam Payne and his best mates join a boy band what will happen to Amelia and will her chances with Louis Tomlinson become even worse and who will find out about her past.


1. the start of something new

"Amelia get up" shouts my bro Liam Yep that's right my brother is liam Payne  and I'm his sister. Most girls would be over the moon with Liam being their brother and the other boys being your bros best friends. Well not me it's just like when I was kids I grew up around them. "Coming" I yell back. I walk down stairs in my pj's and I see the other boys. My heart skips a beat when I see Louis. Yes ok I admit it I do and always did have a crush in Louis Tomlinson but he just sees me as a little sister. "Hey guys" I say  "hey"  they all mumble back to me. They are sitting on the couch watching bridesmaids I go to the kitchen and make myself some breakfast I go to sit down when I notice Louis walking towards me "can u get me a bowl as well" he ask I get up and make him a bowl of cereal. We all eat and leave for school together. When we arrive Danielle comes over and kisses Liam and same with Perrie and zayn. Eleanor comes over as well she is making this a daily thing now. It's the same every day "hey Lou how are you? U look great by the way" I can't help but notice Lou looks annoyed he tries to avoid her by saying he has to go get ready for the day.hmmm  I wonder what that's  about i thought he liked her too. I have to go as well.  I get to my locker and think about turning back when I see my personal bully Clara. But it's to late she has seen me. Know one knows about the bullying I'm good at hiding it. "We'll well well if it isn't miss liam payne's sister" she grabs me and pushes me against the locker "how do u like being his sister now?" She punches me in the gut and I grasp for air but I'm winded. That's when Lou comes. 

  Louis pov: My heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw her this morning. Gosh she is so beautiful. We eat breakfast together while the others are watching the movie. When we finish we head off to school. When we get out elanor comes over " ugh what now" I think. "Hey Lou  how r u? U look great today" she tells me. Geez she is such a try hard I mumble something bout having to get ready for class and leave. I go get a drink and just stand their for a while thinking bout Amelia. Should I ask her out. Nahh she probably say no anyway why would she want to date her brothers best friend anyway. She is just so beautiful. That's when I hear a bang. I run down the hallway and see Amelia getting pushed against the lockers and punched in the gut by Carla " that bitch" " hey you get away from her now before its you that gets hurt" she backs away from me scared. "S-sorry" she says. "Get outta here now before I do something ill regret." Of course I wouldn't hit a girl but I can still scare her.    . "Amelia are you okay? How long has this been going on for? Why didn't you tell me or someone else" I ask " I'm fine and she's been doing it ever since you guys have been famous I didnt tell you cause I didn't want to seem like the weak girl that always goes crying to her brother and his friends." She says my heart breaks a bit when I realise this is partially my fault. " I'm so sorry Amelia!" I say " it's not your fault"she tells me. I look into her eyes and I can't help myself I just have to kiss her. I lean in so does she. Her soft lips touch mine. Sparks and fireworks immediately went off. I knew it I knee there was something their. We pull apart breathing heavily. " I -I  I have to go" she says a quickly walks away. Wow that was the best kiss ever but why did she run away did she not like it.    Amelia's pov: He Leaned in to kiss me. My heart was beating so fast I swear he could hear it. As I Leaned in our lips met. His lips were so soft and fit perfectly with mine sparks and fireworks were flying every where. This is amazing.We both pulled away breathing heavily I say " I-I- I have to go." And quickly ran away. A few seconds later I gave my self a metal kick. WTF is wrong with Me i have wanted that moment for so long. I should go back but I can't. I go to class and take my usual seat at the back. I sit and wait with my eyes on the door waiting for Louis to walk in. I don't know what I'm going to say to him but I know I need to ask him not to say anything to anyone about Clara.    Class is over and I walk to my locker a little disappointed  that Lou didn't show up. I opened my lock and a note fell out. I wonder who gave me this. I open it up and read    Amelia- Meet me at the gym after class. It's important  -Lou    What?? Why would he want to meet me? Questions are flying through my head while I put my stuff away and head to the gym.    Lou pov- I watch her wall down the hallway after our kiss. Why is she running away from me. Does she not like me. I am so confused but one thing I am sure on is that I can't go into class after she ran away from me so I write a note to her telling her to meet me in the gym after class. I have nothing else to do so I head to the gym and wait.    I hear someone enter and I'm so nervous I'm gonna ask her out. She walks up to me "hey Lou what's up" she ask "there is something I have to do Amelia" yesss" she says cautiously. Here it goes " I like you okay I have for awhile now. Will you go out with me?"   Amelia's POV- "Will you go out with me?" He ask. Wow I'm shocked I never thought he would like me back I open my mouth to yes but nothing comes out so I nod my head eagerly while smiling like a maniac. Happiness,excitement and relief washed over his face. As he hugs me and leans in for a kiss. I lean in as well and our lips touch I never realized I was so nervous until I noticed my hands sweating. "Wait" i says while pulling away. " what's wrong?" He ask "you can't tell anyone about Clara" I say. He looks concerned but then nods in agreement.   
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