Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


5. Where to now?

I rocked back and forth as I heard footsteps drawing closer. I rolled myself into a ball hid behind a bin. "Nia?! I know you're here!" Shit, don't go behind the bin please! "Sorry Nia but I have to" Harry came around the corner and stopped to look at me.

"What have I done?" I whispered to him. He gave me a sympathetic smile and grabbed my hand. "Nia I want you to meet Liam, Niall and Zayn." There stood 3 very good looking boys smiling at me. "Nia, I know this is very sudden. I know you want to know the answers to the questions you have in your head but now this isn't the time." We were missing someone... Louis.

"Ok... Where's Lou?" I replied. "He's pissed of because you kneed him. But anyways, he went to get a place for us cause the hotel is evacuated. But he'll come around." I smiled. "C'mon" Zayn offered his hand. I let go of Harry's and grabbed Zayn's. The moment we touched I felt a wave of bombs explode inside my body. I looked down at our hands and looked up at him. He was confused too but we shrugged it off. We walked down the street, the rest of the boys following us.

"Where to now?" I asked. I completely forgot about the whole vampire thing ever since the explosion inside my body. "Louis just texted me and said he found a place." Can we run?! But they said I can't do it in public. We were meant to keep this a secret. "You are definitely right Nia, you can't show the world what we are." Zayn said. I smiled in return. I still gotta get used to the whole mind reading thing.

We soon arrived at this small house on the outskirts of town it wasn't to big or small, it was just right. We knocked on the door and Louis answered the door letting us in. I was the last one in. As soon as I stepped in, Louis grabbed my neck and shoved me against the wall leaving me helpless and breathless. I couldn't breath. His eyes turned to a dark shade of red and fangs grew. I was terrified but then again I do the same thing. Zayn and Liam tried to pull him off me.

"Never kick me again or you'll get it" he spat. He let go as I took in a long breath. I was crying. Zayn hugged me as Niall and Harry took him outside to deal with him. "Shh shh. Lou didn't mean ok? It's alright" he hugged me tighter.
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