Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


7. Stage No.1

"They think WHAT?! But I'm not dead!" "Technically you are." Harry grinned. I slapped him on the shoulder. "Ow." he whimpered. I smirked at him. Zayn looked at me with sorry eyes. So cute. He stood and took my hand. "C'mon, give her a break. It's been a long day. She needs to sleep.' He said to the boys. He guided me to a bedroom where a white double bed was propped against the wall with the rest of the furniture was stacked on the other side covered in bubble wrap.

I laid on the bed as he tucked me in. He kissed my forehead "goodnight" he whispered. He walked out, turning off the lights as I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the sound of arguing downstairs. I crept down, knowing they could hear me anyway. "She can't! I don't want her hurt!" I heard Zayn yell. I appeared in the doorway But they didn't see me. "Since when did you start caring? She is a newborn, she has to be trained!" Niall shouted back. "Ever since I started liking her!" I stood there with my mouth open, Zayn staring at me with wide eyes. He liked me? Well that escalated quickly. I put my hand on Louis shoulder, he calmed down a bit. So did the rest of the boys. I smiled and walked into the kitchen ignoring the tension behind me. I looked for something to eat but nothing really caught my eye but a small tub of yoghurt.

I walked back into the living room and sat down spooning bits of yoghurt into my mouth when the boys walked in standing around me. Ok...

"Um... May I help you?" I asked. Liam nudged Harry in the shoulder. "Well, you are new to this whole vampire thing and you are trying to get used to it-" "so we decided to help you get through this and learn everything you need to know" Niall cut him off. He smirked at Harry. The sides of my mouth twitched. Yay! I jumped up and hugged each of the boys. "When do we start?" I asked. "Today, it doesn't take long for everything to kick in." Louis answered. I soon finished the yoghurt while the boys watched some soccer.

"I'm ready." I stood at the doorway nodding to them. Louis patted Liam's back. Liam stood up and took me outside where there sat a pool and a few deck chairs. We both sat down on 2 chairs.

"Ok, so basically your a vampire..." the words still kinda shocked me. "And being a vampire has its commitments. Different covens or clans have different commitments and the boys and I are one. Our rules are no drinking from humans, only blood bags which we get from the hospital nearby and no using powers for advantage or cheating and stuff like that but you'll learn about that later. Any questions?" I nodded. "What are our weaknesses?" "We can't go inside anyone's house unless invited, garlic, stakes and vervain. Vervain is a herb that poisons us once eaten or touched."

After learning about everything, the sun was going down as we headed inside. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, mind reading training! yay!
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