Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


18. Scary, buff bouncer

So there we were. Sitting. Silence. Awkwardness. Help.

So I was seducing Harry and boys came in... Help.

Now we are just sitting there and Zayn is really mad. Help.

Harry got up from beside me and brushed past Liam, Lou and Niall and walked upstairs, they followed. Zayn stood there with a look on his face. I didnt know what emotion he was feeling now. Anger? Jealousy? Idk. He didnt even have the guts to say anything. He turned around, breaking his gaze from me and slammed the door shut, leaving me alone in the laundry. 

What was his problem? He likes me yeah... But what a way to react.

I lay on the cold floor listening to the vibrations from upstairs. Apparently, I had the best vampire senses. Liam told me. I listened closely. 

"- cause, you know I like her! C'mon Haz, I called the dibs." It was Zayn's voice. Then I heard a few shuffling feet and a door open. "Hey guys, is it ok if Alaina comes- Zayn! What are you doing?" Liam. "I dont wanna go. Especially if Nia is going." Right back at ya Zayn. "Well get changed anyway. No force in the universe can make me change my mind. Your. Going." Louis.

I dont wanna go. They can have a boys night out. I got up and walked upstairs. I walked down the hallway quietly. "Nia!" I turned around to see Niall in a really hot outfit. Lou and Harry poked their heads around from Zayn's room. 

"Hey Nia, please come to the club!" Niall's voice came into my mind. I gave the you seriously think I wanna go? look. I wanted to go but... So hard to decide. "Fine" I said defeated.

- - - - -

I stepped out of the car. Red dress and black heels, easy an simple. Bad part was Zayn was here. Woo hoo. No. Harry whispered something into Lou's ear while looking at me. Pervs. Louis turned and whispered something into Liam's ear. Honestly, dont they have girlfriends? I strutted up to the bouncer and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around to look at me. I may be a vamp but this guy scared me. He was buff, had pretty big muscles, his friends next to him had two guys over his shoulder. Two. I flinched once he looked down at me.

"Yes ma'am?" He questioned, impatient. "I-uh, uh..." I stuttered. His friend was scaring me. The bouncer just stared directly into my soul that I no longer have. I just avoided his gaze and turned around and walked away like nothing happened. That was hell scary. Where are the boys? I hate this.

I tried to find them outside but I couldnt go inside. The scary, buff bouncer scared me. Soon it was 11:00 pm. Did I really stay that long? I think I should just go home. But what about the boys?

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