Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


19. Pop the question

"- Psst, wake up" My eyes fluttered open. I was lying on something cold and hard, it was very uncomfortable  how did I even sleep on this... FLOOR?! My head shot up immediately. I felt like a mess. My hair felt disgusting, my makeup is probably smeared everywhere and my dress was all crumpled. I looked out of the dimly light alleyway to see the sun rising. It was morning? My vision was blurry from the sun but then a hand waved right in front of my face, breaking my daze.

"Hi." It was a man's- a boys voice. I thought this was my fairy tale moment where it turns out to be a man one year older than me and we fall in love at first sight and live happily ever after. But no. It was Freddie First Grade. He had scruffed up brown hair, blue eyes and a little mud on his clothes. He looked like a mix of Louis and Ni. "Er, hi?' I scratched the back of my neck.

He just stood there and smiled. "What's your name?" He asked. "Nia" I quickly answered, grabbing my purse from beside me, brushing the dirt off. "Listen kid, I dont know you, You dont know me, why dont you just go back to your family? Ok?" I felt sorry for him but I was mad. Mad at the boys for leaving me. He just nodded and ran around the corner. Once again, I called Liam while my phone battery could last. And finally someone answered. "Hello?"

"HOLY- Where are you!" Zayn's voice in the background. "Oh, I dont know.. Lemme see... THE CLUB!? You guys left me here!"

'We were inside the club when you were talking to the bouncer! We told you that!" "Uh, no you didn't! Just. who cares! Just get someone to pick me up!" "Harry is coming now." Zayn replied. 'Sorry." He added. I just hung up. I wasn't bothered to listen. Soon a car pulled up next to the curb and out came Harry. I sighed in relief.

"Ladies first" he grinned opening the passenger door. "Thanks Haz" I chuckled kissing him on the cheek. He just blushed, aaw, I made Harry blush...

"Um, Nia? Can I ask you something?" He asked, leaning against the door. I nodded slowly wondering what his question was gonna be. "Well, uh. Zayn got the dibs on you even though you both hate each other. But I know do the dibs game too but I feel bad cause it's like he owns you... But he doesnt so um, Nia? Uh.. Um..."

"Pop the question Harry." I had a hint of what he was going to ask me. "Um... Nia, will you like to go out with me? Like on a date?" I smiled widely. I may have never had feeling for him but maybe if I go on a date with him I will develop some, it's worth a try, plus I cant turn him down. "Yes, definitely. Yes!" I hugged him, he just stood there for a split second until he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I could've died in his arms, I already have feelings for him, Yay!

"Now, c'mon, lets get you home" Much to my dismay, he pulled away and hopped into the seat next to me. What's Zayn gonna say f he finds out Harry and I are going to have a date? I jut shuddered of the though of Zayn breaking Harry's neck, which he was capable of due to our vampire lives. The engine started and off we went home.

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