Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


20. Poker Considerations

The moment we returned home I put my phone on it's charger and grabbed something to eat. All was in the fridge was half a bacon roll and milk. I checked if there was anything else but there wasn't. Niall passed by holding a pack of cards and some animal crackers. I sneaked up behind him and grabbed his crackers and ran off before he could say anything and said a quick "haha" over my shoulder.

"Oh c'mon Nia! We were gonna play poker with those!" Liam shouted. Chasing after me, Niall following. I quickly locked myself in my bathroom and ate the pack in a flash. I opened the door, licking the flavoring off my fingers and shoved the packet in Niall's hands and walked out like nothing happened. I felt quite fat and full after that.

My room was really boring. The boy's rooms were just blue and other boy colours painted walls and simple beds. I had white walls, white sheets, a stupid, squeaky bed and a small bookshelf standing in the dark corner. I quickly changed into some clean clothes and dumped my dirty clothed into the bathroom. I was downstairs watching some TV until Louis tapped on my shoulder. I could tell it was him by hearing walking patterns closely.

"What?" I asked rudely. "Training!" he yelled. I flinched at the loudness of his voice. "But it's 10 in the morning! Isn't training at like, 4 pm?" He just chuckled slightly. "Well, you ate our crackers and we were planning a few hours of poker but since you ate them we might aswell do training for the rest of the day."

"Im sorry, did you say the rest of the day?" He nodded. "Nope, sorry, imma go out" 

"Over my dead body you will, remember what happened last time you went out? You're staying here." 

"Sorry Lou, dont worry, i'll be back before 4. If you're so worried then I can take someone with me."

Harry raced in and grabbed my hand."I will" he volunteered. I smiled at him. I felt something drift inside my mind.

"You're dating Harry arent you?

"Shut up Lou" I scolded him. Harry looked at me confusingly but I just dragged him out of the room.

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