Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


13. Ma Other Movella


Do all my intros start like that? Idk, I guess it's a thing now.

So I update daily, like everyday and if not, I would have a good explanation and spend a hour and a half writing a long (maybe.) chapter. That's how much I love you guys! So if you hate, get yo' fat ish and dismiss yourself from the planet.

I still check the comp entries everyday and holy Jesus! 275 views mother effers! Yeah! Lets raise it to a 300 hundred shall we? Woo!


So, I write down every entry on a piece of paper and stuff mentioned and ish. And I love the attention and all but you know what I dont like? Hmm.

The fact that my other movella is not getting enough attention. Idk, maybe something is wrong with me and I'm like a really frustrated (if your thinking of something disgusting, eew, if not, I love you!) movellist? I just want the same amount of attention for that movella that this one has. I dont understand, maybe it's because I dont update as much? I dont really see why I'm that unpunctual. Unpunctual . Is that a word? It is now! *adds to computer dictionary*

Yea, my other movella has a comp too, it needs a co-author cause I sometimes have no time to update and I can sometimes (most of the time) have writers block. So check it out for me would ya?! Mwah! <3

I just realized that this was mean't to be a chapter but nvm now, I'll do it next chapter.


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