Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


10. Introducing... Shelly Mammoth

"C'mon guys, give her a break, she should live but we should take her with us. I wanna have a first go." does he mean? No, no, no, no... I felt some tears fall down my cheek. I want the boys to be here, I need them, c'mon guys! Where are you?

"Guys, I can't read her mind. That unusual." One of them said. They nodded in agreement. I don't understand either. Maybe it was because i'm a vampire, but I could read the boys minds so what's happening? The 3 boys were in the darkness, hiding in the shadows while I stood in front of them exposed in the light of the flickering street light. 

I didn't want this to happen, I want to rewind time and stay in the house, listening to Zayn, but no, my stupid vampire mind took me here and look what happened mind. Thanks a lot mind! But it's fun to be a rebel... unless you get into the trouble i'm in. If I escape and go back, the boys will hate me for leaving and leave me on the streets. Or I can find another 5 vampire clan that is as fun as the original 5. Dangit mind! Look what drama you've caused. We should give this drama maker a name... uh... Shelly Mammoth. Yea, that could work.

They stepped into the light revealing their faces with blood stained cheeks. Blood. Blood. Blood. Effin hell Shelly! I can never trust you! I was drawing closer to their faces as they smirked at me. I licked my lips as I felt the scent of iron enter my nose and out. My teeth started to ache again and my eyes felt a strange feeling. I wanted to lunge at them but Shelly told me not to. I guess it was right. I stayed back as the three boys took off leaving me confused. What the hell?

I looked around to see the street empty and it was dark. I went back to the front of the mall and found a man closing the door and whistling as he walked away. Blood. Blood. Blood. Shut up Shelly!

I'm still terrified from what happened.  I was walking, yes walking, Shelly told me to but anyway, I was walking home scared of what might happen when the boys find me. 



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