Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


2. I Need To Go To The Mental Hopital

I woke up in the same alleyway but not the last position I was in when I passed out. I was lying down, my bag laying on the gravel beside me. I sat up absorbing my surroundings. Something about me felt strange, like I was stronger than I was before. All I remembered was the attack, the fast speed and red eyes. I rubbed my eyes.

I got up and grabbed my bag. I walked out of the alley and started running in case the 2 boys came back. The first step I took  I sped off unexpectedly ending myself to trip over. I was effin scared. I tried running again ending myself at the end of the street in a second. Ok, somebody take me to the mental hospital. It felt like I could run on clouds without falling off. I was running like those 2 guys who attacked me. Ok, lets hope this ain't a dream cause im enjoying this.

I ran around the corner behind a few shops and restaurants in the speed of lightning. I stopped behind a hotel and sat on the stairs near the loading garage. This felt unreal. Impossible. Like I was born to feel this. I suddenly smelt something. Something warm and pleasurable. I breathed in the scent and I stood up immediately running towards the scent. I couldnt seem to find it. I kept running towards the scent. I ran through the emergency exit to find the same 2 boys sucking the life out of of a girl. Once I lived that nightmare...

The thing that caught my eye was the blood. Blood was oozing out of  wrists and neck. My eyes widened and everything within me had the blood drawing me to her. There was something wrong with me, I dont know whats happening to me.

They threw the lifeless body onto the pile of other bodies. My eyes widened. "Let's light this meal." the curly haired one said. He was British. I really didnt get a proper look at both of them but they were hot! The other one lit a match and the room was caught on fire. They ran out at the same speed as I did but they were a tad faster. Fast enough to run into me.










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