Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


4. First Drink

"You assholes are trying to stalk me aren't you?!" I shouted, earning a few stares from across the road. "Shut up and play along, you aren't meant to run that fast or do anything like jumping over cars even though that was impressive for a newcomer but still, it would blow the whole secret identity thing." Harry said. I raised an eyebrow. I'm still confused about the whole 'who turned you?' or 'you're a newcomer' thing. Da hell are they talking about?

"What we are talking about is you're one of us now." Harry continued. Ok. Seriously someone wake me up. "Nope, no one can wake you up cause this is reality and it always will be for you." I widened my eyes. Is he like reading my mind or something? "Yes I am." Ok... I just gotta get used to it. "You better, this is your life now. You are going to be this age forever." Louis continued. What?!

We kept walking until we reached the hotel I found them at. Outside were probably everyone in the building. Maids, cooks, concierge, guests and people like that. A few fire trucks were parked outside when I remembered they set the pile or bloody bodies on fire then ran. Dumb heads. I started to get hungry and look for something to eat while Louis went to look for his friends. Then I felt a wave of satisfaction as I was surrounded by people.

My eyes started to burn and everything became a blur. My teeth started to ache but that didn't matter right now. Blood was everywhere in my eyes. When Louis came back he noticed my change. His eyes widened as he grabbed my waist as I was about to launch at the nearest person to me. I struggled against his body but then managed to grab his arms and dig my nails into them until he let out a yelp. I kicked him in his area and ran to the person and grabbing them by their arm. They screamed as I sunk my teeth into their wrist. I quickly drained them until I realized what I had done. I just murdered someone.

I ran to the nearest dumpster and sat there sobbing. What did I just do?! The blood, the mind reading, the murdering. Everything felt unreal but it was real. I did a quick recap as I licked the blood around the edges of my mouth. It all came slamming down on me.

I, Nia Sage, am a vampire.
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