Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


24. Does He Really Care?

The clanging of forks and knives were the only sound. I looked nervously at Harry and he looked back. Gulping he entered my mind.

"We gotta tell them now" I gave him worried eyes as those word came out.

"Let's do it"

"Um boys, we have something to tell you." I mumbled.

"We?" Louis asked, looking up from his plate.

"Yea, Me and Harry." Niall and Liam looked at me cautiously.

"How many months?" Louis chuckled. Harry and I glared at him. Never will I be pregnant at this age, especially with Harry, no offense.

"Wait you know?" Harry looked confusingly at Louis. I kicked him from under the table and he let out a yelp. All heads turned to me and I just shrugged at them.

"Anyways..." I glared at Harry and Louis. I let out a breath. "HarryandIaretogtherandforlike2daysandnearlyhadsex."

"What?" Niall asked, smirking.

"Harry and I have been together for like, 2 days and we nearly had sex." Louis was shocked and sat still while Zayn spit his chicken out. I looked at Louis sympathetically.

"C'mon guys it isnt that bad." I mumbled. Zayn shook his head and looked at me sadly."You guys have caught us in action like, what? twice?" Zayn actually didn't look surprised, what the-?

"I knew it all along." He said, looking down. I tilted my head towards him."Thin walls?" he added suggestively. I smiled a bit until he wiped his mouth and got out of his seat. We watched him as he got his car keys and left. Well there goes our ride home. 

"Oh and by the way, I'm ok with you being with Harry, just make sure he doesn't break your heart. He has a history of doing that with girls. But don't come running back to me if he does." Zayn quickly left my mind and there was silence.

I looked down with tears welling up in my eyes, does he really care for me that much?

- - - - -

I know you guys are like "oh ma gerd like posta  new one cause this one was short" but dont worry cause im writing the new chapter now so bye.

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