Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


12. Arguing

STOP! Read this before you do anything!

So, I stopped you to read these 9 words: Still up for the contest? I still check daily :I

Mwahaha. Evil me ;) Sorry bout the late and short chapter. I hate writin essays.

- - - - -

I walked up the stairs to the front door, hoping everyone wouldn't see me, let me risk it. I quickly unlocked the door and crept inside. The lights were off so it meant everyone was upstairs, asleep. I let out a sigh of relief. But it's only 7:00 pm, why would they be asleep?! Suddenly the lights switched on, 5 angry but worried boys scaring the bejesus out of me as they stood in the doorway. I'm blaming Shelly for this. Harry looked confused.

"Who's Shelly, is she hot?" he chuckled, winking. I smirked at him. Louis slapped his shoulder getting him back on track, he coughed awkwardly "I mean... Where were you?" I slightly giggled at his seriousness. The boys glared at me while I tried to keep a straight face. 

"Look, at me. I'm fine, nothing happened, I just want out to get a coffee! Now if you excuse me I want to sleep for training tomorrow.' I shoved past them, well tried, they blocked the way. "A coffee at 7:00? Now you want to sleep?" Danigit Niall! Shut you face!

"I told you not to go anywhere. I know what happened Nia, well all do, we were there." Zayn growled through his gritted teeth. I tried to rack my brain to see if I remember any of that, but I didn't accept it anyways. "You sure you know what you were talking about? Or are you just reading my mind?" I hissed, watch out, the real Shelly appears. Get the popcorn, once in a lifetime chance. No seriously. 

"We were the ones that scared them off, the reason why they ran off." I nodded my head in disgust. "You. Followed. Me?!" I shouted, the other four boys backed away. "Zayn's idea." Louis's voice said in my head. I smiled at him. I turned back to Zayn who's expression I cant read. Anger? Worried? Scared? Fear? Confusion? I don't know about you but I think I'm the one feeling that.

"Ok, let's chill everybody, we need to calm down. All of us," gesturing to Zayn's clenched fists. "we cant hurt Nia even if we tried, why dont we go out to a club? To forget everything." I nodded in approval. Zayn shook his head. "Fine, just to protect Nia." he hissed. I jumped up and down. "Boys?" I asked the rest. They all nodded.

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