Blood Stains and Fingerprints

I've seen him in a fight he lost and it wasn't worth it. But he loved me and didn't give up.


22. 16+, Hia Sexual Content

OK PEOPLE!!11!! 


anyways, so I just realised how dumb I am and that I havent included the lucky winners of my recent comp in my story and I just slapped myself. I've included Alaina (the beaut, intellegent young vampire who is currently Liam's girl <3) but I haven't included the other beaut, young women, iloveonedirection223 and MissLowi ! 

But... we kinda have a problem... 

So I was looking at the entries from the winners and I found only iloveonedirection223's entry so I have the info I need. I cant find MissLowi's one and because of that I cant write anything about her so... MISSLOWI IF UR OUT THERE! PUT IN YOUR ENTRY AGAIN!

I think she changed her username or something idk. I wrote it down (DW IM NOT A STALKER) and it's on another comp... Im just too lazy.

We need to take a vote: Zia or Hia?

- - - - -

This chapter is PG 16+ and I know all of y'all under aged out there are gonna be like:

Watcha gonna do faggot? No one will know.

but I'm serious. If you dont like sexual content then just skip this chapter. Don't say I didnt warn you but whateves.

- - - - -

I felt Harry pick me up bridal style and walked really fast. Next thing I knew was the feeling of soft sheets of his bed. He disconnected his lips from mine and I immediately stretched my back wanting the feel of his soft lips again. He slipped off his shirt leaving his toned chest exposed. I stared in awe taking in what I was seeing. Grabbing his neck, I pulled him back down to my lips, sighing loudly as his hands lightly grazed my sides. 

He slowly worked his way down my body. He kissed my neck, sucking and licking anywhere he could. He slipped off my tank and bra, throwing it aside. Flicking and rubbing my nipples, I let out heavy breaths of his name. One of his hands moved down to my sex rubbing it vigorously through my tights. I bucked my hips up to his hand, grinding on it along with the rhythm of his hands. My low sighs filled the room, hopefully not being noticed by the boys.

He moved from my breast down to my sex, shoving my tights off quickly. I immediately gasped as his tongue slithered out and flicked my sex through my panties. He ripped them off me and got to work. 

He licked up my wetness, drowning me in ecstacy. I felt his mouth clamp around my clit as he flicked it over and over again. I was at loss of air as I gripped the sheets tightly, arching my back, hoping for more.


- - - - -

I was trembling when writing this and I'm pretty sure someone is gonna report this... -.- I havent been on for ages because my grandpa and grandma recently died in a fire because some douchebag lit it on fire while he was drunk, he's in jail now and it took me a while to recover and im back and ready to write (more often ;)) dont worry guys, I dont want your pity. It;s fine.

Cheerio, btw next chapter is the next part.

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