Feel Good Inc. (Hetalia BAH-BAM)

This is a story.
About Hetalia.
Pew pew.
By the way, this'll kind of be like an RP (role-play).


5. World War III, Act 1 Scene 2

(The meeting has just been let out and there is a discussion between England and Germany about a new country.)

England: Germany, are you aware of this new country that some of the other countries have been talking about?

Germany: Yes, I have. But, it seems there are a few, and one isn't nessecarily a country.

England: Hmm, how strange. I hear one is 'The Arctic Regions'.

Germany: Ja, and I hear there is one they call 'Lebanon'. Also, a 'Czech Republic'.

England: Should we see about meeting them?

Germany: Ja, maybe bring some others, too.

(England and Germany exit)


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