Feel Good Inc. (Hetalia BAH-BAM)

This is a story.
About Hetalia.
Pew pew.
By the way, this'll kind of be like an RP (role-play).


7. The British are Coming

(A/N: So... I think I might be the only one writing this from now on. Anywho, I'm back with an idea that randomly popped up in my head today. ^-^" -Sin)


  "THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!" the blonde America personification screamed. The little curl on his bounced in unison with every turn he made in the store.


"Where are we going?!" the smaller looking personification asked. This was Canada. America was running around the market with Canada in a shopping cart.


"ALFRED!!" a British accent boomed from a few aisles away. 


"W-what did you do?" the Canadian squeaked.


"I showed off my epicness, that's what," America turned another corner, nearly slamming into the vulnerable (and bubbly) Italy. 


"S-sorry Feli!" Canada sputtered out while clinging to the side of the cart.


"THE BRITISH ARE COMING! RUN!" America ran out the doors of the store and to the end of the parking lot. The cart wheels locked, launching Canada forward.


"Alfred!" England stormed over, covered in whipped cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and candy canes.


(Late Merry Christmas everyone cx -Sin)

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