Feel Good Inc. (Hetalia BAH-BAM)

This is a story.
About Hetalia.
Pew pew.
By the way, this'll kind of be like an RP (role-play).


4. A German Simulation

Elva: Let's say your German. And one day you go out shopping. Luckily you got plenty of sausages. But the check-out area is really crowded. This is because the cashier is a Spaniard. The Spanish are known for leading a free and easy life style. That's why a crowded check-out area is a daily occurrence in Spain. A Greek is putting items on the check-out counter. Greeks are even freer and more easygoing then the Spanish. Which is why in Greece this is another daily occurrence. Then an Italian cuts in line. In Italy cutting in line is normal. You as a German are very irritated. However, the Austrian in front of you is even more irritated.

(Spain: "Oh, seriously?"

Greece: "Mm-hm."

Spain: "Oh, seriously?"

Greece: "Mm-hm.")

Elva: Uh-no the Spaniard and the Greek have started to chat with each other. And another Italian gets in line. He didn't cut, but he is really loud and obnoxious. A Japanese person says something.

Austria: (Yelling) "Hey you! Stop your chatting! We are all trying to get through the line here! Are you listening to me! I'm talking to you!

Russia: "Calm down. I think this is normal in this neighborhood."

Austria: "What am I supposed to do with you??"

(America laughs.)

Prussia: "Nice you're in a good mood! Perhaps I should tell you a joke then! You're guaranteed to get a laugh out of it!"

America: "Oh, I love these kinds of jokes!"

Prussia: "Knock, Knock."

America: "Who's there man. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Oh I got one for you! Knock, Knock."


The end. Hope you liked it.



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