"It's 11:11 make a wish." (Austin Mahone fan-fic)

Kyra always thought wishing on shooting star, dandelions, pennies, eyelashes, wishbones, birthday candles, and 11:11 was stupid. Until one day she took a chance and made a wish. Little did she know that little wish would change her life forever.


2. Chapter Two

"Kyra.! Wake up.!" Lucy screamed in my face. I shot up. "What.? Why.?" I looked at the clock, It read 11:08 am. "Dude, it's Saturday. I sleep till' like one remember.?" I groan flopping back down on the pillow. "I know but it's 11:09.!!! Wake up.!" I tired to push her away and it didn't work. "What's your point.?" She smirked at me. "I'm going to make you make your first wish at 11:11.!" I rolled my eyes.  "How many flipping times do I have to say this.? I.Don't.Believe.In.That.Crap." She sighed. "I know, but give it a shot. If it works your dream comes true. If it doesn't then your life is the same it's always been." "But, I-" She stopped me before I could speak. "And if you don't. I'll wake you up every 11:11 until you do." Dang, she so lucky I love sleeping.. "Fine.! You win, I'll make the stupid wish." Just as I said that the clock struck 11:11. I thought for a second about what I really wanted. My parents maybe.? But they don't want me so why should I want them.? Then it hit me. "I wish Austin Mahone would notice me, just once." I mumbled so Lucy didn't hear me. I open my eyes as Lucy opens her's and she starts smiling at me. "Happy now.?" I asked annoyed, making sure she knew. "Yes ma'am.!" She exclaimed hugging me. "Whatever I'm going to bed. I wouldn't wait up for your wish to come true." She rolled her eyes and got back on her bed and her laptop. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep almost instantly.

                                                                         ~ ~Dream~ ~ 


"Hello.?" I yell into the darkness. I had no idea where I was. "Hello, beautiful." A deep voice responded. I jumped not knowing where it cam from. "Who are you.?" I asked shaking from fear. I backed up into a wall and started searching for a light switch. The voice hadn't said anything, so I calmed down. Once I found the switch I flipped the light on as quick as possible. The lights blinded me at first but then I realized where I was. I was in a huge arena.. How did I get here.? I looked around to find the voice that had spoken just minutes before. He had to be here. I didn't hear a door open or footsteps anywhere. "You're Kyra Hale right.?" The same voice spoke right behind me. I gulped and slowly turned around. I was shocked to fin Austin standing there. Yes, Austin Mahone. I nodded not being able to speak. As I nodded he smiled. "Good. Because I've been looking for you for awhile now." I tired so hard to speak and when I did it came out as a whisper. "Why.?" He chuckled and grabbed my hand. "So I could do this." He pulled my close to him, out faces an inch apart. He brushed my hair out of my face and leaned in. I closed my eyes and. 

                                                                    ~ ~ End of Dream ~ ~

My dream was interrupted by Lucy screaming. I opened my eyes to fins her jumping up and down yelling my name. "What.?!" I yelled at here mad she had woken me up from my amazing dream. I mean I was about to kiss Austin Mahone.! C'mon man.! "You will never guess who just followed us on Twitter.!" Oh, yeah. Lucy and I share a Twitter account. Anyway I was getting really annoyed now. "Who.?" She calmed herself down and spoke. "Austin Mahone.!" 


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