"It's 11:11 make a wish." (Austin Mahone fan-fic)

Kyra always thought wishing on shooting star, dandelions, pennies, eyelashes, wishbones, birthday candles, and 11:11 was stupid. Until one day she took a chance and made a wish. Little did she know that little wish would change her life forever.


3. Chapter Three



*Austin's POV*

“Dude, come on. You have to get out of the house. Just because you're single and 'Austin Mahone' doesn't mean you have to stay inside all day.” My best friend Alex was yelling at me. “Yes I do.! I was told to say in here for at least a week by management! Why? I have no idea. Just leave me alone bro, you can go out without me.” I snapped back. “Whatever man.” He mumble as he walked out my front door. Ever since I got signed I have almost completely lost my social life. It sucks, but it's only for a little while right? I sigh and decide to get on Twitter, my fans always find a to cheer me up. I log-in and my Twitter is blow up from all the fans, geez I swear some of these girls don't sleep. But I noticed one very interesting tweet from two girls named Lucy and Kyra. “@ Kyra&&Lucy: @AustinMahone I got Kyra to make her first 11:11 wish ever! Let's hope it comes true.” I smiled at that, but is this girl crazy? Her first '11:11 wish' wow, I wonder why that is. I retweeted their tweet and followed them. And before I knew it, I got a tweet from them again. '@Kyra&&Lucy: OMGosh Thank you for following us @AustinMahone Love youu! Kyra is going to flip!” I decided that I was going to DM them instead of tweeting back. “Hey girls, no problem on the follow. But, was that really her first 11:11 wish? That's crazy.” I got up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. I'm just amazed that she has never made a wish on 11:11, it's kind of funny. I don't why I'm so surprised. I downed my drink and walked back over to my computer. I look and they responded. Do these girls ever leave their computer? “Yes it was. I don't believe in things like that. It's a long story. -Kyraxx” Okay, now I'm really interested. And can't believe I'm about to do this but, her it goes. “Would you girls like to video chat.?” I wasn't really surprised when they responded quickly. “Yes! We would love too! -Kyra&Lucyxx” I smiled and sent them my Skype name. They added me like 2 seconds later. And the chat began as soon as I accepted it. A video of two very happy girls appeared on my screen. “Hey girls.” I spoke and they flipped out, causing me to laugh. “Hey Austin!” They said together. “So, which one is Kyra?” I asked with curiosity. “I am.” The girl with long, blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes spoke. “Oh, Why was that your first wish?” I asked. “I'll leave you two alone, I'm hungry anyway. Bye Kyra.” I'm guessing Lucy was the one leaving. “Well,” She began. “I've had a lot of things happen so, I don't believe in it. I feel like that if you want something you have earn it. Or I did feel that way.” Her last comment took my by surprise. “What do you mean did?” “Well, my wish...kind of... uhh.. came true.” I was surpirsed. “Really? What was your wish?” I paused, “If you don't mind me asking. “It was..” She hesitated, “It was for you to notice me. And I'm skyping you, it looks like it worked.” “Well, I'm glad it came true.” She smiled. “Me too.” We sat there for a couple minutes when I heard yelling from the her end of the camera. “Kyra!!!!” Her eyes widen. “Sorry Austin, I have to go.” “Wait! Wh-.” And the screen flashed ”Call ended.” I was going to ask where she lived so maybe we could meet in person. But, I guess I'll just have to find out. There is just something about her, that makes me want to know more. More about her life and know more about her in general. 


A/N Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Hope ya'll like this chapter. Much love.! ~Jessalyn(: 

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