"It's 11:11 make a wish." (Austin Mahone fan-fic)

Kyra always thought wishing on shooting star, dandelions, pennies, eyelashes, wishbones, birthday candles, and 11:11 was stupid. Until one day she took a chance and made a wish. Little did she know that little wish would change her life forever.


4. Chapter Four

Can you come over like now?” I asked my cousin. “Yea, why?” “Because I really need you to find something for me. Well, someone?” “Austin, I stopped doing that awhile ago.” “Dest, please. I really want to find this girl. I can't get her out of my head.” She sighed over the phone. “Fine, I'll be right there.” “Thank you! Bye!” “Yea, yea. Bye.” I hung up the phone an ran over to my computer. I checked my twitter and saw I had a direct message. I clicked on it and it was the girls. “Sorry about that. I had to go. But, I hope I can talk to you later.-Kyra.” I smiled, she seems like a total sweetheart. “No problem. Talk toy you later.” I go into my room and grab a bag. If we do find her, I'm leaving as soon as possible. I'm sorting through my hats when I hear a knock on the door. I ran downstairs. I open the door to find Alex. “Hey bro.!” I let him in and mumble hi. I bring my bag downstairs and he eyes it. “Where are you going?” I hear another knock on the door sure it's Destiny this time. I let her in and she heads straight for my computer. “Okay, I need her name, and that's about it.” I nod and get on her Twitter. “Her name is Kyra Hale.” She nods and looks at the computer, “Leave me to my work, I will call you in here when I'm done.” I turn around and push Alex towards my room. “Why is your cousin here and who is she finding?” I sigh debating on whether or not I should tell him. “Well, I talked to these fans today and one of them caught my interest. There is just something about her I have to know more. I have to find her.” It took him a minute to respond. “Show me the girls.” I pulled out my phone and got on their twitter. “This is them. Kyra is the one with curly hair, the one I'm trying to find.” He looked at the picture for a minute. “Austin, remember like 6 months ago you had a dream about a girl who was totally perfect for you but you didn't know who it could be?” “Yeah, so. What's your point?” He shook his head. “My point is describe her for me again.” “Okay, she was about 3 inches shorter then me. Had blonde hair, pale blue eyes, was wearing a lot of bright colors and she was a total sweetheart.” He stared at me. “What?!” “Well, I don't know about the total sweetheart part, but you just describe the girl with curly hair almost to a Tee.” “No way.” I said in shock. “You're lying,” He laughed, “Nope, see for yourself. I took the phone out of his hand and studied the picture. He was right, I did. How did I not notice before? “Dude, you're a genius!” I hugged him and he pushed me away, “You're not telling me anything new ya know?” “Whatever, now I really hope she can find her.” “Me too, because I'm coming with you.” That took me by surprise, “What? No.” “Yea, her friend is pretty cute. Plus I'm your wing man bro, I have to go.” I thought for a minute, he was right. “Fine, but we have to wait and see if she can find her first.” He starts laughing his head off. “What's so funny?” I asked, he laughing making me laugh. “Bro, it's Destiny. She can find anyone. Wasn't she the one who found out where freaking Selena Gomez lived just for fun. I'm pretty sure she can find her.” “You've got a point.” Next thing I know Destiny is calling me downstairs. I ran down there almost making myself fall. “Yea?” She handed me papers. “Her name is Kyra Alice Hale. She lives in Mary Beth's home for girls in Phoenix, Arizonan. She has been there since she was seven. She is 15 years old and was born June 18th 1997. She is allergic to Bees, Peanuts, and Grapes. And she-” I cut her off. “Okay, what is the address of the girls home?” “Umm, 8765 Maple Ave, Phoenix, Arizonan.” I squeezed the life out of her. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” “You owe me.””I know.” She walked out the door and I called the Airport. “When's the next flight to Phoenix?” 

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