Hikaru is your average kind of person she's sweet and kind to one and another but what happens when she meets a mystery person?


1. First Day

Hikaru's POV I was driving to school for the first day and started to listen to some music. I got to school and greeted everyone with a simple hug. Then I bumped into a new student he had curly brown hair with the most beautiful eyes. " hi...." He said " why hello!" I said cheerfully. "What's your name?" "Harry..... Styles." "That's a nice name!! Oh I didn't even tell you my name! My names Hikaru. Its nice to meet you and welcome to this school!!!" I smiled and he smiled back. I got to class and sat down. 

Harry's POV I was walking to class with the lads we were all talking about our class's I was with all the lads in P.E. so I was fine about that I walked over to an empty seat next to a girl when she turned her head it was...... " Hikaru!?!?!" "Oh hi I guess we have these classes together?" She showed me her paper and we were in every class together what a coincidence. "Wow" I said. "I guess we get to spend more time to talk to each other?" She said. "Yeah I guess we do I replied.

Hikaru's POV wow I guess we have the same classes more time with  harry. That means I'll get to know him more that seems like gun I'm a social person so more talking the less sad about anything. After class we had 2 more classes. 2 classes later.......... I went to an empty table where no one sat and then came along harry and 4 boys.

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