The Boy In The Bow Tie

When Harry Styles feels like his life may not be the one he wants. He feels as if a part of him is missing ever since he keeps seeing a girl who may not even exist.

Seventeen year Emma Patterson his having the best time in New York and would do anything to keep from returning to her dreary hometown. But when she stumbles across a certain curly haired stranger. She just may change his life for the better.

But Emma discovers a secret that may change her life for the worse.


1. You had me at hello

  Harry's POV

Is it possible that I am going mad? For starter i'm not happy and I don't know if I want to be in the band anymore. The only time I am truly happy is when I am able to go to sleep. I keeping thinking about  a girl  who isn't even real. Now that just proved i'm mental. Instead of celebrating the end of another good show with the lads. I am sitting in my hotel room in the dark staring out the window. I didn't want to join them because they where probably doing what they do every night after a concert. 

Zayn is most likely sleep. Louis is probably talking to Eleanor. Liam is in his room doing another one of his twitcams and Niall is at the bar with Josh. And i'm in my room brooding. I needed to get out of this room. I needed to get lost.

Emma's POV

"Woooo! That was the best concert ever!" I shouted from inside of the cab. I was leaving the parking lot of a one direction concert with my mom. We took a train from New Jersey to get here because the show was held in New York.  My throat was hurting from all the screaming and singing I did. "I'm glad you had fun." My mom miled. I stuck my head out of the cab window to feel the New York breeze. It was late at night and the sky was pitch black. When I stuck my head back inside my mom was on the phone trying to  make hotels reservations.

"UGH! Everyone is booked up because of the show." She said sounding frustrated. "Did you see the kiss Louis blew me?" I asked her."Yeah you and about a hundred other girls too." She laughed. I rolled my eyes at that comment. 

"So did my eyes deceive  me or where you really dancing back there?" I asked her.

"When they started playing Kiss You. You can't control me." She said dancing in her seat.

"Mom please don't do that." I said putting my hands over my face hoping she would stop.  The cab finally stopped moving. "Where here." The cab driver said and parked on the curb of the sidewalk in front on the hotel. I got out of the cab and I noticed that along side the hotel that there where a group of girls and photographer standing outside. I turned around to try and help my mom with our luggage,but the cab driver got them out of the trunk for us. My mom payed the man and the we walked inside

"Let's hope they have rooms." My mom said as we entered the lobby. Once we got up to a hotel clerk. I decided to go sit in the hotel's lounge. I wanted to look at all the pictures I took. Every seat was taken except a brown wooden bench  sitting in the middle of the room. I took a seat there and pulled  out my white nikon camera. As I was srcolling through I noticed some of my pictures looked blurry. Because my head kept shaking because I was so excited to see the boys. I finally came across some really good ones. I especially loved my Louis close ups. I love all the boys but Louis is my favorite.  I looked up from my camera and I saw my mom looking at me with a sad look on her face.

"What's wrong?" I asked getting up front the bench.

"All the rooms where filled." She said. I really wanted to stay here. Only it if it was for a night. I didn't want to go back home. My mom look like she was trying to hold back a smile.

"What?" I said picking up our bags. "Since the regular rooms where booked. So unfortunately I had to get a suite." She said smiling. My eyes grew wide with excitement.So far my first trip to New York was going great. I must have still been thinking about the boys because it almost looked like I saw Niall sitting at the bar.

The elevator ride seemed like it when on forever. Our floor was at the very top and people kept delaying us from getting there sooner. They kept getting on and getting off. Finally we arrived on floor thirteen. I started walking down the hallway even though I didn't I didn't know where I was going. "Do you know where our room is?" I asked looking back at my mom. She stopped in the middle of the hall and she looked at something that looked like a brochure but inside was the room key.

"This one." She said pointing to the door in front of her. I walked over to where she was standing  and she pulled out the key to open the door. When the door opened the inside was huge. As I got a better look I saw that there where two bedrooms. One room had a king bed and the other had a queen sized bed. There was a separate living and dinning area. The entire hotel room looked like it was inspired by Louis XV french decor. I walked over to the window and I pulled back the curtains. We had a perfect view of fifth avenue and Pulizer fountain.

"Do you like it." My mom said approaching me. "I love it." I replied. "Good because I am tired and I am about to go collapse onto my bed. So goodnight." She said giving me a kiss on the forehead and going inside her room. I picked up my overnight bag that was lying the oval shaped gold coffee table. I was exhausted as well. All I wanted to was sleep. But I couldn't because I was hungry. I went in my room and I put on my pajamas. I was in a rush to pack so all I had to put on was a plain blue t-shirt and my one direction pajama bottoms. I wanted to in my mom's room and ask her if I could order room service. Instead I snuck out the room to see if I could find a vending machine.

As I walked down the hallway I tried to read the signs to see if I was going the right way. I finally reached the end of the hallway and there where no vending machine. It was only an ice machine there in the right corner. I started to turn around just as someone was coming out of there rooms. I stood frozen in my place and I could have fainted. It was Harry Styles. It was also kind of weird because he was staring at me too.

Not knowing what to say. I just blurted something out. "Hi." I said practically in a whisper. He didn't say a word. He just stared at me like he was looking at a ghost. 

"Its you." He said smiling at me. Now it was staring to get a little weird.

"Umm...i'm sorry but you probably have me mistaken for someone else." I said. A puzzled look just swept across his face. He then slid down and then sat on the floor. He had his head tossed back with his eyes closed. I know I should have probably asked him if he was okay,but I had to take this moment in. I was standing right across from Harry Styles. I could have died. He was still wearing his clothes from the concert. He was wearing a white button down and a black bow tie and dark denim jeans. I quickly snapped out of my daze and finally spoke.

"Are you alright." I ask him leaning down in front of him.

"You look exactly  like her." He said still with eyes closed.

"Who do I look like." I said curious to who he walking talking about. He finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

"No one." He said trying to make himself smile. "I'm Harry by the way."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Emma." I said happy that I was able to say my name clearly. This was insane.

"So what brings you here if you mind me asking?." He said. "I'm here with my mom because we came to see you guys perform." I smiled."I figured you might have been a fan." He laughed as he pointed to my pajama bottoms. I had completely forgot I was wearing them. I could already feel my self turn red from embarrassment. "Yep." I said getting up. "Did you like the show." He asked as he got up as well. "Yes you guys where great." I said. "Good to know." He said gloomy.

"Now if you don't my me asking why do you seem so....sad?" I regretted asking. I wanted to take it back just as soon as I said it. "Is it that obvious?" He laughed. "So what's wrong?" I asked him. "Honestly I don't know." He said shaking his head. "I have been trying to answer you question for the longest. I just don't feel myself anymore." He finished. I was trying so hard to follow what he was saying but I couldn't help but stare at his face. And oh my gosh his hair! I mean after all I am  a seventeen year girl. At that same moment the universe chose to embarrass me yet again. My stomach  made this horrific noise. Harry slightly laughed.

"Is my sob story making you hungry." He asked. "To be completely fair I was hungry when I met you." I laughed. "I should probably get back to my room. My mom might be up and wonder where I might. But it was really nice meeting." I smiled before I walked away. Just as I did Harry grabbed my arm.

"Wait." He said staring me like he was really sad.

"Are you sure we haven't met before?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Unfortunately  not." I said.

"Do you have to go back so soon?" Harry asked smiling. I looked at him still not believing this was actually happening.

"I think I can stay for a little longer." I said. "I don't want you to think of me nothing less but a gentleman so we can sit here." He said sitting against his door.

"Sounds good to me." I said sitting next to him. I didn't want to tell him so it wouldn't add to the weirdness. But it felt I knew him from somewhere too.

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