The Boy In The Bow Tie

When Harry Styles feels like his life may not be the one he wants. He feels as if a part of him is missing ever since he keeps seeing a girl who may not even exist.

Seventeen year Emma Patterson his having the best time in New York and would do anything to keep from returning to her dreary hometown. But when she stumbles across a certain curly haired stranger. She just may change his life for the better.

But Emma discovers a secret that may change her life for the worse.


3. The awful truth

Emma's POV


When I got back to my hotel room I went to go check on my mom. She was still sound asleep in her room. I thought  about leaving her a note just in case she wakes up before I get back. Then I quickly changed my mind because knowing my mother she would come find me and embarrass me. I quietly tried to close the doors to her room. I darted towards my room and I got dressed. I put on a dark blue dress with my black leather bomber jacket. I walked towards a mirror on the wall. My hair was fairly decent. I tried to put my hair in a braid, but long strands of brown curly hair kept coming out of place. So I just decided to leave it down. I didn't even know why I cared so much. I was only going to go out and eat with Harry and Liam. Who I am I kidding I was walking on air. I took one last glance in the mirror then I was out the door.

As I walked down the hall I didn't see Harry or Liam. Maybe they went on without me or they came to realize that it was a bit weird inviting a girl they barely knew out to eat. I finally reached the end of the hallway and the floor was empty. I stood there for at least five minutes. I came to a conclusion that I made them up and that I was tired.  So I  decided that I should go back to my room. I was headed towards my hotel room then I stopped when I saw Harry, Liam, and Zayn get off the elevator. "Leaving so soon." Liam said.

"I just  thought you left." I said.

"Yeah Zayn wanted to come along." Liam said. I looked over at Zayn who was smiling big. He came closer and hugged me." It's so nice to see you Emma." Zayn said. When he let go I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I told Zayn about you. Your like the first person out side the band that Harry would really talk to." Liam added. Harry didn't say anything he stayed hidden behind Liam and Zayn.

"So where are we going?" Zayn asked.

"Good question. Emma where would you like to go?" Liam asked me.  I only knew about a few places in New York. "The Hard Rock café" I said.

"Perfect come on Zayn lets go hail a taxi." Liam said shoving him in the elevator. As Harry and I tried to get on Liam pressed a button that made the elevator door close. While it was closing Liam shouted sorry guys it's not enough room!"

"Its just the two of you." Harry said as the door completely closed. "That was awkward." I said pushing the elevator door down. "Yeah it was." Harry laughed. We stood there waiting for the elevator to open but it never opened.

"Looks like we're taking the stairs." I said.

"You want to walk down thirteen flights of stairs?" Harry asked.

"On second thought I stand here." I said pushing the elevator button. "You look lovely by the way." Harry said. I looked down at my outfit because for a second I forgot what I was wearing. "Thanks." I finally said.

"So who else are you here with?" He asked.

"Just my mom. My friend Payton wanted to come but she got sick with a cold. She was pretty bummed out. She loves Niall." I said.

"Your mum's here." He said only hearing the part about my mom. "Yeah she is in the room sleeping." I said.

"And she actually let you come to the concert where she knew I would be and she still didn't tell you?!" Harry said sounding bitter. Before I could say anything the elevator door came open. I walked on first and Harry stood to one side of it and pressed the L button for lobby. The elevator ride went by fast. No one got on it. But on the way down Harry didn't say a word. I wanted to ask him why would my mom know him and why would did he get upset. Or why Zayn was so eager to see me. I had a feeling that these boys knew something that I didn't and I was going to found out.

When we reached outside Liam and Zayn were talking to a cab driver. "Hey." I said walking up to them.

"Hey! you guys ready to go?" Zayn asked. I nodded my head and climbed in the cab. Zayn sat upfront with the driver and I sat in the back between Liam and Harry. It only took the driver ten minutes to get us to the Hard Rock.  Once we got inside we were quickly seated at a booth. The waitress named Nicole  stayed with us for a while. Not taking our orders, because she was to busy flirting with Zayn, Liam, and Harry. "So can I get you gentlemen anything to drink?" Nicole asked obviously ignoring me.

"I'll have a coke." Harry said.

"Sweet tea for me." Liam said.

"And I'll take a sprite." Zayn said. As she turned around I shouted "Can I have a lemonade?" The waitress didn't stop and turn around she began to go to another table. After that I began reading my menu until a sharp pain came in my head. "Ahh!." I said holing one hand up to my head.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked sounding concerned. I couldn't respond right away because the pain in my head wouldn't go away. After a moment the pain finally went away. "Are you alright?" Liam asked. "Yeah every once and a while. I would get really bad head pains. Its been like this for a while. " I said. I didn't want to tell them the entire story. Like I have a prescription medicine for it or that I have regular hospital visits to make sure that there isn't any swelling in my brain.

"I can't hold it in any longer. Is anybody going to tell her the truth?" Zany said. The pain in my head returned. "Tell me what?" I asked nervously because I had a feeling I wouldn't like what I would was about to hear. The three of them grew silent. "Tell me what?" I asked anxious to what they had to say. Liam and Zayn stared  in opposite directions. Harry was the only one still looking at me.

Harry's face looked like he was lost for words. "Six months ago we where in we were in London, England. We were leaving this party and it was raining really bad." He said trailing off. "I could barely see anything and then out of nowhere." His face started to turn red and his eyes were watery. "You were hurt really bad Emma. You didn't wake up for three days. And when you did." Harry finally stopped talking.

At first I didn't believe him. I thought he was making it all up. But the look on their faces said he was telling the truth. I started to feel really dizzy and the pain didn't go away it only got worse. The room felt like it was spinning.  Before I knew it everything was starting to fade into oblivion and I went with it.

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