The Boy In The Bow Tie

When Harry Styles feels like his life may not be the one he wants. He feels as if a part of him is missing ever since he keeps seeing a girl who may not even exist.

Seventeen year Emma Patterson his having the best time in New York and would do anything to keep from returning to her dreary hometown. But when she stumbles across a certain curly haired stranger. She just may change his life for the better.

But Emma discovers a secret that may change her life for the worse.


5. Something Bradford This Way Comes

Emma's POV


I stared at the wall straight ahead. I didn't want to look at Harry at the moment. The room was silent except for the occasional beeping noises coming from the machines I was hooked up to. "Your mum will be back soon." Harry said. "Why don't I remember waking up in the hospital six months ago?" I asked him still not taking my eyes off the wall. 

"I don't know why." Harry answered. I turned my head to face him. "Then what can you tell me?" I asked so quietly that it sounded like a whisper. He pushed his chair closer to my bed. I saw his hand reach for mine, but he quickly pulled his hand away. Then dropped them  both back in his lap. I waited for him to say something. All he did was flash me a half crooked smile. Since Harry didn't say anything I just started to ask him a series of questions. "Were you drunk? Were you driving too fast?" I asked. He just shook his head no to both of them.

"Well say something." I said.

"We were at party in Liverpool,England. Something or someone had upset you that night. So you wanted to leave, I suggested that we wait until the rain stopped, but I could tell by the look on your face that you didn't want to be there. It was pouring down raining and I could barely see anything. You were just about to tell me what happened at the party." Harry's voice trailed off. "It happened within seconds." He added.

"Harry this is just too beyond belief. Like how do we even know each other?" I asked. Harry's face started to turn red. "Because I'm you boyfriend, or at least  I use to be. For some unknown reason I started to laugh...really loud. "Okay now that I really don't believe." I laughed.

"And why is that so hard to believe?" Harry asked.

"How would I have met you? I rarely go anywhere. I always have my face stuck in books. So I don't have a boyfriend especially ones named Harry Styles." I said. Harry laughed at what I said. "We met in Florida in the summer. You were on the beach with your friend and mum. And I had accidentally hit you with a flying frisbee. You got really pissed." Harry said. 

"Well wouldn't you if a complete stranger hit you in the head?" I asked him not remembering any of this.

"After that you didn't want to be bothered with me." Harry added.

"Well what happened next?" I asked him suddenly interested in the story.  

"Let me think." He said running his fingers through his hair. "You left your mum and friend to go get in your car. That's when my stalker mode kicked and  followed to your car. I wanted to apologize to you again. And that's when you called me a curly haired boy band singing jerk. At that moment I knew that I wanted to ask you out." Harry said.

"Sorry about that then." I said."No worries it's one  of my fondest memories. " Harry said. The door to my room opened and my mom had her gaze upon Harry. I didn't understand why she didn't like Harry. To me he seemed like a really great guy and every since I saw him today. I kept having the sudden urge to want to kiss him. Why do I want to kiss him so badly? I don't even like him they way he appears to be liking me. All I wanted to do was get of this hospital and tell my best friend Payton everything. Then again she probably knows more about what happened to me than I do myself.

"What's he still doing here?" My mom asked giving Harry a grimacing look. Harry was about to speak before I jumped in. 

"I asked him to stay." I said to her.

"You asked him to stay? Why do I find that hard to believe?" She asked.  Harry didn't say anything he just looked at me trying to force a smile across his face. "Harry I think it's time for you to leave." Mom said. I didn't get why she didn't want Harry around. Why hadn't she told me about him before. Why didn't Payton tell me and why couldn't I remember any of it? So many questions danced around my head. Harry was the only one willing  to finally come out and tell me. I don't know what it is about him that I find him so interesting, but then again something in the back off  my head was telling me to just let him go. 

But for right now I can't. I held out both my arms so that could hug Harry. When he came close enough I whispered to him so my mother wouldn't hear it. "Don't go okay." I said to him. He he hugged me back. "I'm right outside your door if you need me." He whispered back. My mom made a funny noise come out her mouth.

"Night Harry." I said,

"Goodnight Emma." Harry said waling out of the door. My mom closed the door behind him. She walked over to give me a water bottle. "I'm not thirsty any more." I said as I laid down and turned my back to her. 

"I want to talk to you about what happened tonight." My mom said. I sat upright in the bed.

"Now you want to talk to me about it. Enlighten me mom clue me in on what happened that was so terrible that you couldn't tell me before. Like  that I was in an accident and lost a part of my memory? Or like why do I keep getting these massive headaches that seem like will never go way?" I asked her. She didn't didn't answer. After a while she spoke again.

"Tomorrow we are going back to Jersey and we don't have to talk about this anymore. Let's just try to forget." She stated. I just laid back down and closed my eyes because my head was starting to hurt again.

I couldn't sleep. I was uncomfortable in that bed and I couldn't help but wonder if Harry left or did he stay. I looked at the clock and it was four in the morning. I guess my mom couldn't sleep either because she was sitting up. As I looked closer into the darkness.  I noticed that it wasn't my mom. I turned the switch up so the light would come on. I thought it was Harry sitting there. It wasn't Harry. It was Zayn. I couldn't say anything because I was shocked, confused, and mostly creeped out.

"Hey" Zayn finally said. I just waved my hand. 

'Where is my mother?" I asked him.

"She is at the hotel getting your things ready so you can leave.. I saw her there so I thought I should stop by." Zayn said. He got up from his seat and walked over towards me. I thought he was leaning in to hug me, but to my surprise he kissed me on the lips. I quickly pushed him away from me.

"Get away from me." I yelled.

"Wait so you weren't faking it?" He asked me.

"Faking what?" I asked him annoyed.

"So you really don't remember me babe." He smirked. From the way he was looking at me I felt  very unease by his presence. And I had a gut feeling this wan't the first time something like this happened between us.

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