The Boy In The Bow Tie

When Harry Styles feels like his life may not be the one he wants. He feels as if a part of him is missing ever since he keeps seeing a girl who may not even exist.

Seventeen year Emma Patterson his having the best time in New York and would do anything to keep from returning to her dreary hometown. But when she stumbles across a certain curly haired stranger. She just may change his life for the better.

But Emma discovers a secret that may change her life for the worse.


7. Friends

That next day I sat on the corner of my hospital bed waiting for my mother to return. I had already been seen by a nurse and she told me anything could have cause for me to have black out. All while she informed me about the wonders of our "cranium" I couldn't help but think about what happened before I asked Harry to leave the room. 
  I'll start off by saying I didn't want to kiss him. I didn't want it to go further than a hello. I most certainly didn't want to hear that I was in a car accident I didn't remember even happening. If I told a complete stranger what I was just told odds are they'd laugh and tell me I was delusional. The part that bothers me is that it doesn't make any sense. For example why couldn't I remember it. I was on the brink of tears when my mom came walking in.
     "Hey what the matter?" She said wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I didn't say anything I just looked at her until I began to cry. She hugged me until I wanted to her to finally let me go. All I could think about was that she had been lying to me. "Why hadn't  you told me sooner?" I asked her wiping my face. "Whatever he told you it's not true." Mom said.
"He didn't say anything. And if he did don't you think it's pretty random that he chose me to tell this elaborate story too." I said. 
"We can discuss then when your not so angry with everyone." She said gesturing me to get up. "Im not upset with everyone ,I'm angry with you." I stated. "Emma I thinks it time for us to go." Mom said. I stood up behind her and swallowed what little bravery I did have. 
"My birthday is this week"
"Yeah what are you getting at."Mom asked.
"I will be eighteen. And I don't start Princeton til the fall so.." It was hard for me to get the right words out. "I'm not going back with you." I blurted out. She looked shocked as soon as I said it. "Excuse me?" She said now miffed.
"I'm not going with you." I repeated. "And where are you going to go exactly?" She said sounding very displeased. As soon as she said that Harry came walking through the door. My mom began to laugh hysterically. 

"I'm seeing flashbacks. You two start talking again and we're back to this. I kept you away from for a reason and if you decide to go with him you'll know exactly was I was talking about. " she proclaimed 
I was at a fork in the road. I wanted to go with my mom and pretend that this never happened forget that he even saw me. I wanted to believe that she might have been trying to protect me in a motherly type way. But I would have still wanted to know about all the forgotten yesterdays. Then there was Harry. I hadn't even known him for a day and yet I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. My mom gave me one last pleading look before she took off. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Were her last words before leaving.
     I looked up over to Harry who was trying to hide his grin. "Can we finally end all this soap opera?" I asked him.
"Why it was finally getting good."He replied.
"And about that what happened yesterday it didn't happen." I said 
"When you kissed me?"
"I did not kiss you. You kissed me." I protested.
"Right, sure it didn't happen." He agreed. 
"Good because I just would like for us to be friends." I explained.
"And Harry?"
"Don't make me regret this."
I warned him.
"Three days top. I'm just glad to have you back Patterson." He said
That was the confusing part. Was I still the same person he knew? Why was my mom so sure something will indefinitely go wrong? And is it wrong that I'm still thinking about Zayn? 

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