Never Thought It Could Hapen

I never thought I could happen is about a girl who turned 19 at a 1D concert and got to be with the love of her life Niall horan.


1. My Birthday

I was at a 1D concert,it was my 19th B-Day.They were singing "More Than This".It was on Niall,s part,I was crying becuse Niall's voice just always touched me.Niall was walking in my direction and we made eye contact,he stopped dead in the middle of singing for about 10 seconds.My friend Fiona was like "I saw that I did ,he likes you and you know it!",i was lik "No not at all".After that a few songs went by and on "Littel Things",he just kept staring at me but it felt rather comforting than creepy.Than they had a bathroom break for the band, iwent as well.As i waslking towards the bathroom I saw Niall chatting with Harry.Then Fiona texted me i replied and looked up only to see niall walking in my direction,my heart was in my throught."well ello love,my names niall,whats yours" ,i replied with"i-i-im ni- i mean a-alaura.","well nice to meet you alaura,ive got to get back on stage take these,and meet me after the concert please and thank you","umm thanks". i looked down at what he gave me, two VIP backstage passes.i was so happy.i went back and found fiona,told her and gave her her things.she said"ARE YOU GUNNA DO IT!!!" I replied "NO DUH!!!"It seemed as if the concert was taking soo long and scince i was in london i decided to have a few drinks,the concert went by so fast after that.

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