Never Thought It Could Hapen

I never thought I could happen is about a girl who turned 19 at a 1D concert and got to be with the love of her life Niall horan.


2. Backstage

It was the end of the concert and niall was urging me and fiona to him.when i went backstage harry was making out with a random girl,and everyone else was texting.fiona ran over to zayn an automatically started flirting.i sat down next to niall,and before we started talking he asked me if i was drunk,i replied"of course i am"he said"good cuz i am too".we started talkimg for hours on end,than when i started sobeeing up, i noticed that fiona and zayn had passed out together in a far bean bag.then out of no where i just started crying,he asked me what was wrong i replied"i never thought i would ever see you up close,and i just,i just,im soo happy and sad because i know ill never have you" he looked at me and told me"you are the most beautiful thing ive ever seen,you are cool,you are funny amd any man would be lucky,im the one who should be crying because ill never get you"he leand in and kissed me before i could say anything else.

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