One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


7. Where he puts his hand/arm.

Liam: His hand is always wrapped around yours with your fingers entwined. His thumb slowly drawing circles into the back of your hand, it's a small gesture but it's comforting

Harry: He loves to put his hands all over your legs, especially when you're out in public, he tries slipping his hand to rub your inner thigh under the table where no one can see. 

Niall: He's always got his arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling your body as close to his as possible. It makes him happy, feeling like he's protecting you from any harm.

Louis: The two of you have always either got your arm wrapped around the other's or else holding each other's hand loosely. 

Zayn: He's always got his hand resting on your lower back, right above your bum. It's a subtle sign that let's all the other guys know you're his and it makes it easier for him to grab your bum when no one is looking.

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