One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


5. Song he dedicates to you.


Liam: Back For You - he absolutely hates leaving you alone, and he does it so often to tour. He just wants you to know that he’ll always come back for you, no matter how far or for how long he’s been away.

Zayn: Irresistible - he literally cannot resist you and he tells you that he never ever ever wants you to leave, and if you did, he’d be completely crushed. 

Harry: C’mon C’mon - despite the fact that you love to dance around the house in your underwear all the time, you’re terrible at it. Even though he makes fun of your silly moves, he loves to watch you dance.

Niall: Truly, Madly, Deeply - Niall is a nervous wreck when it comes to his feelings, although they’re plain to see when he blushes, he says it in the only way he knows; singing.

Louis: Kiss You - Like Louis, the song is fun and he loves to sing it to you, just like he loves to kiss you. 

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