One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


14. Names in each others' phones


His: Curly four nipples; for obvious reasons, his curly hair and his four nipples

Yours: Straight two nipples; because he saw his name in your phone, but your hair is straight and you only have two nipples so he altered it a bit 


His: Nialler; one of your many pet names for him  

Yours: Princess; you were exactly that to him, his princess he'd been waiting for  


His: Tommo the Sexy; It was originally just Tommo but he had stolen your phone and added the sexy

Yours: Y/N the Gorgeous; you stole his phone in return to add the gorgeous 


His: Li; It's what you've always called him       

Yours: Weirdo; he always called you a weirdo what with your nerdy habits 


His: Zaynie; your little nickname for him   

Yours: Sweetheart; his pet name for you  

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