One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


4. Kissing spots.


Harry: You’re at the perfect height to place soft kisses on his chest, sliding down to his toned abs and that little V, you know exactly how to drive him wild. After a short amount of time, he can’t take it any longer, pulling you into a deep make-out session that quickly leads into well, you know… ;)

Niall: He gets turned on by the slightest brush of your lips against his neck, especially right along his jaw line. You taunt him, even in public, with silent promises of what’s to come later tonight.

Louis: You could kiss Louis practically anywhere and with his energetic, child-like behavior he easily turns it into a wild make-out session, any time, any place. 

Liam: Finger entwined, you pull your hands up to kiss him on the inside of his wrist, trailing kisses up and down his forearm, easily able to distract him from just about anything. 

Zayn: You usually find Zayn reading, completely oblivious of your presence. Sneaking up from behind, you gently kiss his earlobe, gently pulling it with your teeth. The book goes down almost immediately as he caves into the desire. 

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