One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


9. He's upset/angry.

*Zayn's is pretty naughty so please do not read his young ones."

Harry: He storms through the door, arriving late, and heads straight up to your bedroom without greeting you or anything. You go to check up on him, asking him if he's alright but he doesn't respond. He just looks up at you angrily and sits down on the bed. "Well fine then, if you won't talk to me I guess I'll just go to bed. You can sleep on the couch. Boy, is it hot in here." You say stripping down completely naked, aware of his eyes on your body, and climbing into bed. His arms wrap around your waist, "I'm sorry Y/N, I'm just having a bad day." He says kissing your neck and shoulders, "It's okay, I forgive you babe." You reply. "So I can sleep with you?" He says with a hopeful smile. "No." You state, sticking your tongue out at him. He sleeps on the couch but you're having trouble sleeping without him, so not even an hour later you run into the living room wrapped in the duvet. "Harry." You whisper, poking at him, "Harold." He startles awake, "What?" he says groggily. "I can't sleep. Come to bed." You say. "Nope." He says smirking at you, "I have to sleep on the couch tonight. You're the one who said it."

Liam: You walk into the living room to find Liam curled up on the couch, apparently having a Toy Story marathon. "Hey Li, what's wrong?" you ask cautiously. "Nothing." He grumbles back, looking up at you with tear filled eyes. You cuddle up to him wrapping your arms around his waist, your head on his chest. "Do you want to talk about it?" you ask. "No" he sighs, breathing in the comforting scent of your shampoo. You stay like that all night, completely silent and content in each others arms, like you usually do when one of you are upset. 

Niall: The two of you fight about the littlest things, you push his buttons until he's red in the face screaming at you. "YOU'RE NEVER HOME NIALL." You scream, your fights always coming right down to this touchy subject. "I'M OUT EARNING MONEY SO THAT WE CAN START OUR LIFE TOGETHER, BUY A BIG HOUSE AND GET MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS AN-" He starts but is cut off by your lips crashing into his. "Do you really want all that?" You whisper against his lips. "Yes." He growls right back at you, still a bit angry. "Okay, let's go and get some of those cute little house catalogs. Love you, Ni." You say casually, grabbing your keys and walking out the door. "I love you too" He calls out, confused as to what had just happened. 

Louis: When he's upset, he sits around the house and sasses you every chance he gets. "Go make me food, peasant." He says like a queen. You've just reached your tolerance limit screaming, "WHY DON'T YOU GO MAKE IT YOURSELF, AND WHILE YOU'RE UP, CHANGE YOUR BLOODY TAMPON AND QUIT PMS-ING!" You run out and lock yourself in your room, crying, upset by both his attitude and your reaction. You've never yelled at him like that before. He knocks quietly at the door, sliding down to sit up against it. "Y/n?" He almost whispers "I'm sorry." You open the door, sliding down to your knees as he holds you tight. "I'm so sorry, babe. I shouldn't have bossed you around like that, I'm really sorry." 

Zayn: Every once in a while you'll do something to make him mad on purpose. His dark brown eyes grow impossibly darker as he glares at you. He walks towards you as you slowly back away. "I know what you're doing." He whispers, sounding more dangerous than he would if he were screaming. "W-what do you mean?" You say, lying very poorly and backing up into the wall. "You know what I mean." He says. "Now you're going to have to deal with the consequences" He pushes you up against the wall, fiercely kissing you, one hand in your panties and one pulling at your hair. You feel him slide two fingers in and pump roughly, bringing you so close to your climax and just as you're about to reach it he removes them. "Zayniieeee." You whine as he walks away from you, leaving you desperate for more. "Now that's just cruel." 

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