One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


11. He's drunk

Niall: He can't keep his hands off you, leaving sloppy kisses all over your body. "Y/N, will you marry me? I know haven't gotten a ring yet bu-" "Ni, you've asked me four times tonight already. You're drunk." You sigh. "But I love you, pretty please?" He says giving you a sweet smile. "I love you too, but I'm still not marrying you." His face falls and he continues you kiss you, right in your sweet spot and a little moan escapes your lips. "Now will you marry me?" He asks, still not giving up. "Yes Niall, I will marry you." You finally say, figuring he won't remember this tomorrow, why not make him happy right now?   

Liam: This is the most you've seen him drink, his lips taste faintly of alcohol, the corners of his eyes crinkled up a bit. Giving you small, sweet kisses. "Y/N, you're just so beautiful." He mutters, tired and grinning from ear to ear. "Like really beautiful, I'm so lucky. I love you so much. You should stay here forever." "I love you too, Li, but I have to go home now. Do you think you'll be okay without me?" You say, unsure of what to do. "No, I won't." He says giving you the puppy dog face, pulling you down on the couch. "Fine, I'll stay. But only until you fall asleep." You give in, as he places more soft kisses on your lips, cuddling you closer to his body.   

Zayn: He comes home smelling strongly of whiskey and cigarettes, having just been out with the boys. You try to lead him up to bed but he's making it difficult with his hands all over you, lips leaving sloppy kisses all over your body. "Come on, Zaynie. We have to get you to bed." "But I want you so bad." He whimpers. "Once we get upstairs, yeah?" You swiftly lie, knowing what will happen. He makes his way up the stairs as quickly as he can in his drunken and tired state, dragging you along, and just as you thought, he falls asleep as soon as he lies down.

Harry: His hands keep sliding all over your body, trying to sneak their way up your shirt in the middle of the party. You swat his hands away. "Harry, there are people here." You scold. He frowns and pulls you down a hall and into a spare room. "I don't see anybody now." His raspy voice sounds, breathing against your neck before he presses his lips down, sucking gently, leaving a small love bite. You can't help but be turned on by his actions and you instantly pull him in for a deep, passionate kiss.

Louis: He's sassier than ever before, demanding kisses. "I will not kiss you." You say, teasing him. "You have no other choice." He says, tackling you to the ground and climbing on top of you, pressing his lips to yours. "Get. Off." You growl at him, trying to push him off of you. You're finally successful in pushing him far enough for you to escape, running away from him. He chases after you and you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. "NO!" You scream, giggling as he continues to kiss you everywhere he can. You finally give up, turning around to wrap your legs around his waist and kiss him passionately as he carries you to the bed.      

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