One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


12. He wants sex, but you don't.

* Requested by Jamie Horan, took me awhile to do. I had to put A LOT of thought into it! I'm sorry they're pretty bad, Harry's is my favorite though! *


Harry: You were making out on the couch, the movie you were watching left ignored. It was getting pretty heated a bit fast, Harry's lips soft and passionate against your, his tongue playing at your lips, begging for entrance. He had managed to remove your top and you feel his hands on your jeans, pulling at your zipper. "Stop." You say, breaking the kiss, trying to catch your breath. "What's wrong?" He asks. You sneak a look at him, he's trying to keep a straight face but you can see the worry. "It's just uhm, I'm a.. uhm virgin." You mumble, looking down at your hands and you can feel your face heating up. "Okay, so..." He trails off. "I just don't know if I'm ready yet, Harry." "Hey," He says, cupping your chin, gently forcing you to look him in the eyes. "That's okay, we don't have to." "B-but you want to." You stutter. "Yeah, I do, because I want to show you how much I love you in every way possible. For now, I'll just have to show you by respecting you, waiting until you're ready."


Liam: You were sitting on the couch with your boyfriend of 3 months, watching a movie. There were a few naughty scenes and the two of you grew very tense and awkward, your relationship hadn't grown that intimate yet. "Uhm, babe?" He asked, clearing his throat nervously. "Yeah, Li?"  "I was, uhm, thinking-" He started awkwardly and trailed off at the end of his sentence. "What is it?" You said climbing on his lap to straddle him. "Maybe, we should take our relationship a bit further, you know." "No, I don't know." You said giggling a bit, he looked so cute when he was nervous. "A bit more intimate." He said, looking into your eyes. "Oh." "Yeah." "Well, maybe later, I uhm, I think it might be a bit too soon. If that's okay with you, yeah?" You responded. "Yeah babe, later." He sighed. You could tell he was disappointed but he respected your decision and was willing to wait, later he found out that it was well worth the wait. 


Zayn: You're currently studying at UNI. Zayn had gone to a club with the boys while you had stayed home to finish up on some school work. It's almost midnight and you're still working when Zayn stumbles through the door, smelling strongly of whiskey. "Y/N?" He calls out in a slur. "In here." You call from your desk. He comes up behind you, massaging your shoulders. "Y/N, sweetie, why don't you take a break and we can have some fun." "Not right now, I have to finish this." You say. "But you're looking so beautiful-" He mumbles moving his hand to your breasts, gently sucking on your neck. "Zayn, I'm busy." You snap at him. "Come on-" He starts but you cut him off, slightly annoyed and stressed by his being drunk and the amount of work you have yet to do. "Not now, You're drunk and I am busy." You say. "Fine." He says, pouting as he walks out of the room.


Louis: "You know-"  Louis starts his sentence, only to trail off at the end. "What is it?" You ask curious. "You could just sleep here tonight if you want to. Maybe we could-" He says, trailing off again. The two of you had only been dating for a few weeks and hadn't gotten serious enough to even discuss the topic of 'sleepovers'. "I, uhm, I don't think I should." You say, suddenly nervous. "Why not?" "I, uhm, Louis I'm still a virgin. I'm saving myself for marriage. It's just that I was raised with these morals-" You mumble, worried that he wouldn't want you once you had told him that, but he cuts you off. "Okay." He says, "You can still sleep over, you know." "Just sleeping?" You ask. "And a whole lot of cuddling." He says smiling and kissing the tip of your nose. 


Niall: Niall was hornier than the average person should be. "Come on, Princess." He said, begging. "I just want you so bad." "Niall, I said no. I'm not in the mood." You said, aggravated. "But I am-" "You always are. We've had sex everyday this week, sometimes two or three times a day. Can we please just relax tonight?" You snap. cutting him off. "Okay, we'll just relax then." He says and the two of you settle on the couch to watch a movie. He excuses himself to the restroom and ten minutes later you decide to check up on him. "Niall." You say knocking. "Uhm, just give me a minute." He says, his voice a bit off. You open the door to find him masturbating and you laugh to the point where there are tears streaming down your face. "It's not funny!" He says, "This is all your fault, you frustrate me woman." 





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