One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


3. He wakes you up.


Harry: Being a morning person, he’s awake and dressed before you even begin to stir. He sits on the bed beside you asking you over and over again, “are you awake yet?!” You open your eyes that are still heavy with sleep and begin to stretch, “yay, you’re awake!” he exclaims as he pulls you out of bed. 

Niall: He wakes up and pulls you in to cuddle, whispering as sweetly as he can “wake up princess, I really really want pancakes, pleaaassseeee?” As usual, you can’t resist how cute he sounds and you cave in, getting up to make him breakfast. 

Liam: He sings softly in your ear, “Stop it!” you moan, swatting him away. “No, baby” he replies. “You gotta get up, I’m not gonna stop until you get up” and he continues to sing until you finally crawl out of bed, playfully cursing his name. 

Zayn: You can feel soft kisses trailing all over your body, at first thinking it’s just a dream. Still muddled by sleep, you bring his lips up to meet yours. You’re fully woken up immediately and the pair of you run off to take a shower. 

Louis: He pokes and prods at your sides, attempting to wake you up gently, but he quickly becomes impatient, tickling you all over, abruptly pulling you out of your slumber. 

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