One Direction Preferences

Preferences for One Direction. I will take, and highly encourage, requests!


10. He gets jealous.

* Requested by maddie_styles1223, thanks :) * 

Zayn: It was your first time going to a party with Zayn, he introduced you to everyone and you two eventually lost each other. You decided not to worry and carried on, talking to and meeting some more people. You grabbed a drink and two very handsome men started up a conversation with you. You talked for awhile but you were suddenly uncomfortable, feeling someone's eyes on your back, you turn to see Zayn staring at the three of you with a strange look in his dark eyes. He walks up with a not so polite "Excuse us." to the men, grabbing your arm and dragging you up to a spare room. "Zayn, wha-" you started, but you were cut off, his lips pressing roughly against yours. He pushes you up against the wall, his lips sucking at your neck leaving dark love bites, his hands all over your body already making you moan. "Zayn." You say more firmly this time, "what are you doing?" "You're mine." He growls back, "I know." You respond, pressing your lips to his, even harder than before.

Harry: The two of you are sitting in Starbucks. "I'm going to grab another drink, do you want one?" You ask before getting up from your usual couch in the corner. "No, love, I'm fine." He responds and you get up to order. There's a guy standing in front of you, waiting for his drink as you order yours. "Hi, my names G/N." he says, standing too close, making you a bit uncomfortable. "I'm Y/N." "And I'm Harry, her boyfriend." Harry says, putting his arm around you and pulling you behind him. "Oh, hey. It was nice meeting you." He says as he grabs his drink and quickly walks out.

Louis: You're at another after party for some awards show and you stop to talk to a group of people you had met once before. The group mostly consists of guys who can't stop eyeing the revealing dress that Lou had told you not to wear earlier tonight. Although you feel a bit uncomfortable at this fact, you continue talking to them. "I'm just so proud of my boys-" You start to say, regarding their most recent award, but you're cut off by soft lips being pressed to yours. You're shocked at first but then realize it's Lou and you kiss him back, pulling away when he attempts to deepen the kiss. "Babe? I was talking." You look up, embarrassed to see that they had moved on in the conversation, trying to avoid looking at the two of you. "No, you were being drooled over like a piece of meat. You do look amazing love, but I told you not to wear that, now let's go." He says pulling you towards the door. 

Niall: You and Niall were out shopping when you ran into an old boyfriend of yours. He had gotten more handsome and muscular through the years and he was a bit taller than Niall. Although Niall wasn't aware of the fact that he was your ex, he could still see some connection between the two of you. He grew still and quiet while you stopped to chat with him, casually pulling you closer to him with an insecure look on his face. As he said goodbye, he pulled you into an uncomfortable and unwanted hug. "Who was that?" Niall asked, trying to sound casual, as you walked away, though the jealousy was evident in his voice. "That was just my ex." You said trying to ignore his tone. "You seem to be pretty close still." He continued. "Niall stop it, he's an ex for a reason. I have you now." You said, reassuring him. "And you're so much better, both in and out of bed." You added in a whisper, causing him to blush. 

Liam: You had stopped to talk to an old friend while you were out walking with Liam. You couldn't help but notice he had been quiet ever since then. "What's wrong, Li?" You asked him once you had gotten back home, already knowing the answer. "Nothing." He said, moping a bit. "You're jealous again, aren't you?" You asked, sitting on his lap. "He was just so much better looking than I am." "Ew no, baby, I have seen him shirtless, he looks like a gorilla. And he has no personality. But you, have amazing abs and your toned arms, and you're the kindest and funniest person I know."  You say, making him smile. 

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